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Destiny 2 Closes Out Year One with Best Content Yet

Destiny 2 Closes Out Year One with Best Content Yet

Forsaken launches tomorrow, but let's look back at the highs and lows of year one.

God of War (2018) [Review]

God of War (2018) [Review]

A landmark piece that defines evolution for both franchise and genre.

Sea of Thieves [Review]

Sea of Thieves [Review]

If you want every day to be talk like a pirate day.

Dragonball FighterZ [Review]

Dragonball FighterZ [Review]

Dragonball for every level of skill and fandom.

Destiny 2 [Review]

Destiny 2 [Review]

Something to get lost in, for the foreseeable future.

Midway gets another lawsuit

It seems like Midway just can’t catch a break. After several high profile games under performed at retail and the shady dealings involving Sumner Redstone and his sale the company for a paltry amount which had led to a subsequent investigation we all thought things couldn’t get any worse. After all things were looking up as Warner Brothers is in the process of buying off chunks of the company including the flagship Mortal Kombat license and the Midway Chicago office. Well the punches keep on coming as Midway has got themselves another lawsuit and a new set of hassles to deal with.

Fox preps Hitman 2

It seems like Fox is ready to keep on destroying beloved properties by giving us a sequel to 2007’s Hitman. Based on the acclaimed Eidos franchise which features assassin Agent 47 taking out targets through a variety of ways, the film failed to live up to the game mainly due to having a muddled plot and action scenes that were rather dull.

Peregrine PC power glove demonstration video. Looks neat but is it "So bad."

Now you're playing with power. That was the slogan for the Nintendo Power Glove when it first hit the market. Unfortunately, the only power you were bestowed with while wearing this contraption was the ability to simultaneously fail at all your favourite NES games and look like a douche doing it. Which is a shame because in theory it was a pretty cool idea.

More Red Faction: Guerrilla papercraft

Back in April Red Faction community member rundown created a wonderful papercraft version of the iconic RF sledgehammer which amazed many due to its quality. If having your own papercraft sledgehammer didn’t fulfill your Red Faction fandom then perhaps having two cubecraft versions of characters from RF: Guerrilla will satisfy you.

Mass Effect 2 tie-in with Mass Effect Galaxy

Mass Effect Galaxy was just released for the iPhone earlier today, but it seems like some dedicated fans of the series have already ploughed through the game to find out its secrets.

The big news about the newest iPhone game/tie-in is that upon completion of the game you’ll receive a message that states: “Your reward for completing the game is already waiting for you in Mass Effect 2”. An interesting little surprise that I hadn’t heard anything about until someone went out and beat the game for me.

E3 2009 Game Critics Winners List

Alright, so the time has finally come! The winners of the 2009 E3 best of show has been announced. The Game Critics council of video game journalists from about 29 major publications have made their selections. Feel free to compare your list of favourites against what actually won. In fact, why not turn it into a little drinking game? I know how gaming and alcohol goes hand and hand, throw a little gamble into the mix and you got the next great american past-time. Remember each time you got one wrong you need to do a shot!

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is what video game movies should be

Overall Feeling: 

The game is, in a word, satisfying. It does a great job of reinforcing your knowledge that the Ghostbusters kick ass. It will do so with solid game play, providing a few hours of fun, a good story, and some decent humor.

The Pros: 

Great story.
Includes all the classic characters/actors.
Feels just as good as you would expect it to.
Allows you to fulfill childhood fantasies in a meaningful way.

The Cons: 

Co-op multiplayer does not mean campaign mode.
Less trapping game play then I would have hoped for.
Fairly linear.
You don't get to drive the car. Rating : 


Video Games and movies have never had a positive relationship. Movies based on Video Games are pretty reliable for being the worst films in existence. On the flip side a video-game tie in is pretty reliable for being trash as well. That being said, Ghostbusters: The Video Game is the relationship that every movie/game cross-over should strive to be.

Tekken 6 gets a release date and a wallet punching Limited Edition

Today is a good day if you’re a Tekken fan as Namco Bandai finally announced the release date for the game along with announcing a very interesting and pricey Limited Edition sku.

Chinatown Wars comes to the PSP

Today Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have announced that the last entry in the GTA series GTA: Chinatown Wars will be making its way to the PSP later this year. The once exclusive game built for the Nintendo DS will be available to users both in UMD and digital form so new owners of the PSP Go can enjoy the newest batch of GTA goodness.

Some wackness and hotness joins the Red Dawn remake

It seems like Hollywood is slowly making their way through the decades when it comes to remakes as the latest classic, or at least a classic amongst some, that Hollywood plans on remaking is Red Dawn. To those out there who have no idea what the hell Red Dawn is about the film revolves around a group of teenagers who become guerrilla soldiers due to a Soviet invasion of America.

Modern Warfare 2 and future COD games may get online subscription service

Today Destructoid is reporting that Activision may be planning a subscription service for the online component of Modern Warfare 2. Now before everyone starts worrying that you'll have to pay to play MW2 online that won't be the case but the online experience as a whole may become a bit degraded.

It's time for some Necessary Force

Usually I don’t like to post content that late compared to when it premiered on other sties but considering how cool Necessary Force looks I thought I would break my rule as I think the game deserves some attention and perhaps some hype at this early stage in development.

E3 2009: Game Critic's Award Nomination List Released

The week following E3 there’s generally a nice little downturn in gaming related news. Pretty much everything will have been thoroughly showcased and commented on during the week of E3. “So where do we go from there?” you might be asking yourself. Well the answer is quite clear; a look back.  A retrospective if you will. This comes in the form of the Game Critic’s awards. The nomination list was just recently released.

Suda 51 drops some new info on No More Heroes 2

No More Heroes creator Suda 51 recently sat down with to discuss what we can expect from No More Heroes 2 aside from awesome battles featuring dual wielding katanas.

Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS

A few weeks ago interesting footage of an Aliens game for the Nintendo DS leaked online and was quickly taken down. Surprisingly the game looked quite good and seemed to be a combination of Metroid style gameplay while evoking memories of the old Aliens arcade game.   Sadly the hopes of fans were crushed as rumors spread that the Aliens DS game was the latest casualty in the list of cancelled Alien games following the Aliens RPG from Obsidian and the Gearbox developed Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Bionic Commando bombs at retail

One of the wildcard games this year was Capcom’s reboot/relaunch or whatever the hell you want to call it of Bionic Commando. After releasing a remake of the original Bionic Commando last year that not only was a good game but hit all the right notes when it came to fan nostalgia it was unclear if the “proper” next-gen version of Bionic Commando would be solid as well.

Playstation PSPgo to get its own App Store?

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Thanks to Apple’s App Store the iPhone and iPod Touch have changed the way we think about personal portable entertainment. Now sources indicate that the PSP Go will get its own app store.

Our first details on Max Payne 3

Since being announced in March the fan reaction to Max Payne 3 has been quite mixed. Fans are happy to see Max make a return but his new aged appearance have left some a bit pissed off. Even despite the fact that Rockstar Vancouver (The Warriors, Bully) is developing the game the hype and anticipation for Max Payne 3 is quite lukewarm so far.

Xbox to release their next console in 2010?

My, my how time flies. Take a look at your calendar; it’s coming up on the 5 year mark for the Wii/Xbox 360. Long time gamers know what that means; it’s generally the point in a console’s life cycle where we need to start looking at the potential of new hardware. It’s starting to look like Microsoft and Nintendo are headed that route.

Bionic Commando: a decent way to spend a couple hours

Overall Feeling: 

Simple, solid, fun. The game is short and sweet, and handles well. But the steep learning curve might put a lot of people off. You'll need to be willing to invest at least an hour or two to get the -swing- of things.

The Pros: 

Better than average first person shooter.
Easy achievements/trophies.
Rewarding swing mechanic.

The Cons: 

Steep learning curve.
Linear game play.
Terrible story. Rating : 

Alright, so this review is a bit behind. To be honest I’ve been struggling to catch up on games of recent. I found myself with a plethora of games sat beside my TV and wasn’t exactly sure where to go first. But after playing around with a few games I decided to push through Bionic Commando.

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