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Zone of the Enders May Be Making A 3DS Appearance [Rumor]

Hideo Kojima is an insanely talented man but he’s also an absolute trickster.  So far Hideo hasn’t done anything bad with some of the tricks he has pulled throughout the years but he basically seems like the Japanese version of Loki – he’s calculating and loves seeing us squirm as we figure stuff out.  This year has been an interesting one for Hideo as he made a depressing Tweet about a project getting the ax but then all seemed good at E3 as he unveiled a multitude of projects his studio was working on. 

The next major iteration of Metal Gear Solid may still be in the works but Hideo could be returning to another familiar franchise sooner than expected: Zone of the Enders.
Since he knows he’ll get immediate exposure to a bunch of gamers and through fools such as me, Hideo Kojima took to his Twitter late last night to do a tease of sorts. We all know that Kojima Productions is hard at work on the Zone of the Enders collection for the PS3 and Xbox 360 but we may see Jehuty and other Orbital Frames appear on the Nintendo 3DS – at least that’s what Hideo is alluding to.  Last night Kojima began to Tweet some images from the offices of Kojima Productions and one interesting image showed the Revoltech Jehuty figure in front of a sign with the words Z.O.E. 3DS on it done in the Z.O.E. font of course. 

Usually when Kojima makes a Tweet he doesn’t do it in a way in which it’s a complete joke. Yeah, Kojima may make a Tweet that we expect to be something big only for it to turn out to be MGS soda, but he never purposely throws us off track with his teases.  So with that being said, will we actually see a new Zone of the Enders game or a port of one of the previous Z.O.E games on the 3DS?  With Kojima toying around with the 3DS right now maybe he was inspired by what the team is doing on MGS 3: Snake Eater 3D and thought that Zone of the Enders deserved a similar treatment or at least would be a good fit on Nintendo’s handheld.

Zone of the Enders has never been a marquee title for Konami but Kojima obviously pulled some strings to get the Z.O.E. HD Collection to happen.  In a way a lot of people thought the success of the Z.O.E. HD Collection would determine whether or not we would see a new installment in the series appear but maybe Konami is open to doing a 3DS test game, perhaps to test the market in Japan and North America.  Releasing a relatively niche game on a platform that hasn’t had the greatest success as of late may not be best for Zone of the Enders but I think the general fanbase would pretty much accept anything Kojima would offer.

The 3DS may not seem like the platform that would suit Zone of the Enders the best, but if done right the game could be rather dazzling if the controls are kept simple and the 3D effects are thought out.  Core gamers seem to be on the fence about the 3DS but seeing a game like Zone of the Enders pop up could appeal to some people and maybe become a killer app for the 3DS.

Hideo hasn’t commented as to the nature of this apparent Z.O.E 3DS tease so we may not hear about the project if it exists anytime soon. That’s unless this was an elaborate ruse for the reveal that the Zone of the Enders Collection would have Stereoscopic 3D support, which may leave some people with bitter tears.