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Yet another update on the Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection

When it comes to rumors there are some which are obviously never going to happen, others that are a sure thing and then there are a few that are like mythological creatures.  It would be cool if such a thing existed, and perhaps in a far off time it did, but deep inside we know that it’s not real.

Last month, news began to spread of a HD remix for the first three Mortal Kombat games.  That initial news soon spurred a report that WB Games was making a fully fledged Mortal Kombat arcade remake, complete with digitized actors and HD visuals. As much as loyal MK fans wanted to believe this news, it sounded too good to be true, even if the news came from a trusted source.

Now another log has been added to the fire which once again points at a Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection becoming a reality.  UK based retailer GAME and distributor Ingram Entertainment both have listings for the Mortal Kombat HD collection. Occasionally retail listings for certain retailers tend to be hogwash, but considering that four different retailers have listed the game, it’s looking more likely that it actually exists.

Both the GAME and Ingram listings didn’t reveal any additional details but interestingly enough a Xbox 360 version wasn’t listed.  This could either be chalked up as common mistake or maybe Sony is indeed getting the exclusive rights to the game or at least it's a time exclusive.

Despite this latest update concerning the MK Arcade HD project I’m still slightly skeptical about it. As a hardcore Mortal Kombat fan I would love to see it become a reality but there’s just something strange about how we’ve found out about it; to the point where I think this could be an elaborate prank or retailers listing something that they know nothing about.

As much as I want to see it happen, the Mortal Kombat HD Arcade game is almost becoming the video game equivalent of the fabled Unicorn, we want it to be real but we know it’s nothing but a dream.

[Via TRMK]