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Xbox Live’s 1 vs. 100 Cancelled

Unfortunately it looks like the ride has come to a close. Microsoft Studio’s Dave McCarthy announced earlier this week that the creative team behind the trivia-based weekly addiction has been moved to new projects. Those of us that have been enjoying the game over the last few seasons may need to find something new to do with our Saturday nights now, perhaps another trivia game will step up and take the plate? I’m looking at you in specific, recently announced new You Don’t Know Jack game…

Seriously, 1 vs. 100 has been one of the best things that Microsoft has put out there. Trivia games a lot of fun, and 1 vs. 100 was definitely the best out there for a while. Getting a group of friends to meet up online to smash some randomized trivia, while enduring the Cashman bevvy of bad jokes and throwing random dance parties, will remain some of my favourite memories of Xbox Live. It is truly the end of an era, but I shall wait with bated breath for the next title from the team.