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X10 Spotlight: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a title that has been oft-postponed since it was announced oh-so long ago. For a long while now we’ve seen the game making the rounds and appearing at all the big trade shows to let us know it was still alive, but it wasn’t until today that we got a release date. That’s right; Microsoft and Remedy finally have set the date on the release of Alan Wake: May 18th.

But that wasn’t the only news to come out of X10 for Alan Wake. Microsoft went whole-hog with their announcements regarding the release of the game. Not only did they give us a date, but they provided information and imagery on the game’s pre-order bonuses, and limited edition contents.

First the pre-order non-sense: it’s not a whole lot; you’ll get yourself an Xbox Theme, some Avatar goodies, and a special “making of video.” I’m assuming that the video is something that you might get on the third disc included in the limited edition though, so if you really want making-of features, maybe just shell out the extra dough for that?

Xbox Theme

Alan Wake gets one of the sexiest boxes I’ve ever seen in its limited edition with a hard-cover novel look to the box. Inside the box you’re going to get yourself three discs: the game, the soundtrack, and the bonus disc. There are a couple other snazzy pack-ins: a 144-page book written by Alan Wake, FBI dossiers, and token for the DLC pack that will be coming. Really the best part though is the box, a linen case that makes it look like a novel. Stick that on your shelf and make it look like you do yourself some readin’!

Special Edition

Lastly it was announced that the previously planned PC version of the game has been cancelled. This decision was based on the fact that the game’s theme doesn’t fit with the “intimacy” of PC gaming. Basically it was boiled down like this: Alan Wake is more of a TV experience with its episodic content and thriller nature. Remedy would rather you watch from the safety of your couch rather than get in and personal with a computer monitor.

So there you have it, the game is in fact coming and it even has a date and a limited edition. So while we wait on its May 18th release date have a look over some of the new pictures and the new trailer that came out of X10 today.