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X-Men Destiny teaser trailer is released and the developer is....

A few hours ago we received the announcement of Activision’s new X-Men game – X-Men: Destiny.  Aside from a few vague gameplay teases, actual details on the game were about as visible as Sue Storm. But like any well oiled PR machine, the first trailer has been released and to be honest we still don’t know a lot about the game.

Opting for style over substance, the trailer shows the silhouettes of various X-Men characters such as Wolverine, Jubilee, Nightcrawler and Cyclops until it shows three silhouettes of what apparently are the new mutants being featured in the game.  The narrator, which I can’t tell is supposed to be Professor X or not, says  we’re going to have the freedom to choose our path; so does that mean we’re getting a RPG complete with customizable characters?

We may very well get a RPG heavy game as developer Silicon Knights is responsible for X-Men: Destiny. The studio is perhaps best known for the recent mega disappointment that was Too Human with their previous projects being gems like Eternal Darkness and Blood Omen.  Since the release of Too Human, Silicon Knights have been under the radar with supposed projects being a horror game for Sega.  So the news that SK is responsible for X-Men: Destiny is quite a surprise since the studio hasn’t had a hit for quite some time.

Silicon Knight’s previous games have always had a small if not blatant RPG lining to them so the same can be expected of X-Men: Destiny. As easy as it would be to proclaim the game will be Too Human: X-Men Edition, I won’t jump aboard that bandwagon just yet.  The staff at SK is extremely talented and I think the Too Human debacle was a combination of underestimating the scope of the project and slightly becoming too arrogant in some respects. Now being grounded by the experience of Too Human, hopefully the once outspoken Denis Dyack and his team can craft a proper X-Men experience that brings some fresh life into the franchise while giving us all the mythology and characters we desire.

Stay tuned for more updates on X-Men: Destiny this weekend as the game will be at the New York Comic-Con.