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World of Starcraft Exists! Sort of...

World of Starcraft has been a dream of MMO and RTS players alike for quite some time. This week a crap-storm of drama has swirled up around a fan made SC2 mod called World of Starcraft. What started out as an innocent and awesome project by a sole developer, Ryan Winzen, has turned into a story worthy of your eyes and ears.

When this mod first went public everyone’s eyes were glued to its progress. It looked like the MMO we had all been dreaming about for quite some time. The problem seems to have come with the naming of the project. Within a day of World of Starcraft beta footage being posted on youtube, Ryan was contacted, via YouTube, that he was in copyright and intellectual property infringement of Activision/Blizzard and that his videos would be removed. Now, this raises a few questions, the first of which is obvious. Does it mean Blizzard is developing World of Starcraft themselves? If I had to guess I would say, no. The internet has speculated for quite some time that Blizzard’s currently in-development MMO codenamed "Titan" could in fact be World of Starcraft. However, the most recent rumors indicate a Halo MMO might actually be behind Titan.

Either way World of Starcraft might not be dead. On his official message boards Ryan stated that he spoke with Blizzard and their issue was primarily with the naming of the project. The name World of Starcraft, whether we like it or not, does in fact belong to Activision/Blizzard and they are completely within their right to ask him to rename the mod. The only snag in the road is that Ryan may end up "off the market" before this mod ever becomes a reality. It has been confirmed that Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, have contacted Ryan about joining their team. I wish all of the best to Ryan regardless of where his future takes him. I can tell you that if it keeps him on the path to World of Starcraft, then I will certainly be watching his future closely.