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Why You Should Care: RAGE


Remember how I said that I’d try and feature some indie titles, maybe some older games, and potentially some newer games, from time to time, in this new series called “Why You Should Care”? Well… here’s the thing, I do fully intend on that being the case, but I’m going to have to jump out the gate here by playing a little catch-up on some titles that I have a personal interest in that are still on the horizon. Chapter 2 of the continuing saga: RAGE

What It Is:

RAGE is a first-person-shooter being developed id. Wow… That’s a super weak introduction to the game; once again I’m inclined to refer you over to the Wikipedia article if all you’re looking for is the one-to-one description of the game. Instead, let me give you my interpretation of what RAGE is, based on the gameplay/videos that I’ve seen of it so far (at conventions and what-have-you).

RAGE is Borderlands on steroids. It’s everything that I loved about Borderlands – class-based characters, co-op non-sense, post-apocalyptic world, weapon-looting and addictive gameplay – kicked up to the next level by some gorgeous graphical upgrades, some beefy back-end software tweaks, and a couple of interesting changes to the quest-givers/civies that inhabit the world. 

Why You Should Care:

Ah the name sake of the article… My chance to really let loose here and provide you some reasons in which to either take a look, or a second look at the title. Honestly, if the premise alone doesn’t sell you… It’s probably going to be hard. That’s where I was won over, the idea of Borderlands 2… but with better graphics, improved engine and new characters/weapons. Now that Borderlands 2 has been officially announced though (and is being shown at PAX Prime at the end of the month) saying that its Borderlands 2.0 isn’t much of a selling feature anymore now is it?

So instead, here’s where I think id has superseded the original Borderlands with their development of RAGE:

1) RAGE has one of the most beautiful graphic systems that I’ve ever seen. If you weren’t following along with RAGE from the jump, it was originally announced as a technical demo for a new rendering software that allowed them to “compress” large graphical maps/terrains into a smaller format (i.e. something that would probably take several DVDs to map previously could now fit on just one disc, and leave plenty of room for other stuff like the game itself). 

2) The characters in RAGE look far more realistic, and I’m not just talking graphically here. If you picked up the iPhone game a while back you got an introduction to one of the game’s characters that runs a little arena-styled challenge within the main game (which is the prime focus of the iPhone versions RAGE HD). The interactions they’ve shown so far put RAGE on the same level as a proper role playing game, and the characters shown are unique and interesting.

3) You get a god-damned Bat-a-rang! Alright… So it’s not actually THE Bat-a-rang, but it’s a dope looking glave that you’re able to incorporate into your combat. The more they show of this thing the more I get hyped for going hands-on with the game and tossing it out at every opportunity that presents itself.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to take a look at RAGE yet, it’s highly encouraged. It’s been one of those games that I’ve been keeping on my personal watch-list for some time now, and I think it’s poised to be one of the best things that id has put out there in a number of years!