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Who could this new Mortal Kombat mystery fighter be?

So far what we’ve seen of the upcoming Mortal Kombat game points to a very old-school yet modern retelling of the classic formula that made the old 2D games so much fun.  Besides being able to uppercut someone or rip their spine out, one thing that made the old MK games so much fun were the characters.  Developer NetherRealm Studios (they’ll forever be known as Midway Chicago in my heart) have pretty much given fans the characters that are required to make an awesome MK game like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang and Princess Katana. But beyond that the roster for MK is a mystery  which has been made even more mysterious thanks to a recent tease by MK co-creator Ed Boon.

In an attempt to help boost votes in a recent contest held by GameSpot, MK frontman and all around video game guru Ed Boon posted a very interesting pic via Twitter to help garner votes from the MK community. Only showing a portion of a female character model’s leg, there’s not a lot to go on as to the identity of this mysterious character but it’s interesting nonetheless.  There have been quite a few female MK characters but none of them have worn threads similar to the one posted in Boon’s teaser pic.

Fan speculation is running rampant as to who this scarlet lady could be with some claiming its Sektor pre-cyborg transformation while others think Ermac is getting a gender change.  Knowing what the MK team is capable of and some of the pranks Ed Boon likes to pull, there’s really no way to nail down who this character could be if it isn’t some cruel Twitter joke Boon conjured up.

With Mortal Kombat 9 set for release next Spring it’ll be interesting to see when we get our next roster update and whether it’ll include any new characters or the return of fan favorites like Blind Kenshi.