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What in the world is Final Fantasy Type-0?

Square Enix apparently has a new Final Fantasy spin-off game in the works based on a recent trademark and accompanying logo the company filed recently.  Uncovered by Siliconera, Square Enix has registered the name Final Fantasy Type-0 along with a rather stylish and untraditional Final Fantasy logo.  Square Enix filed the patent on December 29th and that of course means we have no firm info on it, therefore it’s time to speculate.

With the name Final Fantasy Type-0, the most obvious assumption amongst many is that the game will be a new FF spin-off, either following an established FF installment like FFXIII (perhaps starring Lightning).  Or it could be an entirely new beast that could once again see the Final Fantasy series make a genre shift.  Unless I’m missing out on some obvious piece of FF lore, the name Type-0 doesn’t really have a relation to an existing FF game but then again who ever thought we would get a game titled Final Fantasy X-2?

There’s a very good chance that we could see Final Fantasy Type-0 at the upcoming 1st Production Department Conference SE is holding next month.  Besides revealing new footage of Final Fantasy versus XIII (halleluiah) Square Enix has also commented that other games from Square Enix will be at the show besides those that FFvsXIII Director Tetsuya Nomura is overseeing.

Maybe Square Enix is going to take Final Fantasy in more of a unique direction if the Type-0 brand will actually become a new side series in a way. If such a thing does happen then we can expect wonderful installments like Final Fantasy Type-1, Type-2 and so on. Personally I’m surprised that Square Enix isn’t going for the more appropriate Final Fantasy: -1 approach.  I kid of course but it’s going to be interesting to see what Square Enix pulls out since the FF series has been extremely hit and miss for the past couple of years.