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What Kingdom Hearts could've been

Speaking to Famitsu Square Enix mastermind Tetsuya Nomura talked about some of the hurdles Square had while taking on Kingdom Hearts.  Developing a concept around a revered property such as Disney wasn’t easy for Nomura and his team as some of the many creative differences between the East and West powerhouse studios included Square wanting the game to be based around Mickey while Disney wanted Donald Duck to the protagonist.

As we all know Square and Disney eventually reached a happy medium as Kingdom Hearts became the amazing action RPG that we know off today. But there were a few things that didn’t fly when Nomura was pitching his ideas, one of which involved a somewhat odd weapon choice.  We all know the main weapon in the Kingdom Hearts series is the Keyblade, a weapon that can take on different powers and is a pivotal story component in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Surprisingly the Keyblade wasn’t Nomura’s original concept as the first weapon he showed the Disney execs was a chainsaw.  Yup, at one point there was a slim possibility that Mickey and the various spikey haired characters would be wielding chainsaws and slashing fools up.  Of course the reaction to Nomura’s chainsaw concept received blank stares with everyone thinking “WTF is up with this guy?”

We probably wouldn’t have had Gears of War style chainsaw action if the original concept was accepted but it would’ve been nice to see nonetheless.  Maybe we’ll be lucky and we’ll see some chainsaw wielding characters when Nomura returns to the Kingdom Hearts franchise once he finishes development on Final Fantasy vs. XIII, which we all know will be a PS4 launch title in 2013 at the pace it’s currently going at.

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