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This Is What An Expensive Bayonetta Statue Looks Like

Many of you out there know that I have an affinity for cool statues/figures, most of which tend to have a hefty price tag.  It may hurt my wallet a bit, but I just like to own cool products that are based off of video games, especially if it’s an impressive Kratos statue that just so happens to cost $260.  But I think I may have finally come across a product that is simply too much for me, both in terms of scale and the price that’s associated with it.

This weekend in Japan one of those always awesome hobby/figure events was held.  As is often the case, a plethora of cool products were shown off with the majority never hitting Western shores. One of the products that made a debut at the event was a Bayonetta statue of simply epic proportions.  We haven’t seen too many Bayonetta products hit since the game came out in Japan with the Square Enix Play Arts figures being the only real highlights. But I think this new statue easily tops anything Bayonetta related we saw previously since it encompasses everything Bayonetta stands for: its over-the-top and grandiose in every possible way.

I don’t know where I should with this Bayonetta statue. Perhaps it’s the fact that it comes attached to a stained wood base is what sticks out to me or maybe it’s the fact that it comes with a pair of glasses like those Bayonetta wears in the game – which are in 1:1 scale.  Or maybe it’s the fact that the statue appears to be ridiculously tall, perhaps in the 18” inches ballpark that really impresses me. In fact I’ll just have to say that it’s all those things that blow my mind looking at this Bayonetta statue.  The detail on the statue is absolutely absurd like the texture work and I really like the pose, which thankfully doesn’t look like Bayonetta is giving birth.

The only downside to this Bayonetta statue which will prevent folks like me from purchasing it is that it costs $2,000.  I’m used to seeing most high-end statues cap off around the $350 mark but $2,000 is a bit much for me.  The Bayonetta statue definitely is worth some money, but I think only the most hardcore fans of the series or video game collectors will fork over 2K in order to obtain the Bayonetta statue in all its glory.

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