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Warner Brothers Appears To Be Making A New Multiplayer Focused Batman Game

Warner Brothers could be doing what may be considered blasphemy amongst gamers: they could be making a comic book inspired Batman game without Rocksteady at the helm. Yes, I know such a thing may be shocking enough that you either lost your breath or performed a Batman style falcon punch to your computer monitor, but just stay with me for a bit before you go into gamer rage mode so I can fill you in on the details.

For some months now there’s been a persistent rumor that Warner Brothers was prepping a Batman game for Xbox Live Arcade and presumably the PSN.  Exactly what this game would be remained as enigmatic as Edward E. Nygma, but the game reportedly had the title Batman: Gotham City Imposters. Such a name may sound incredibly bad to the point where it would illicit visions of a ho-hum side-scrolling Batman game that was released for a cheap buck.  Initially the Batman XBLA news was pushed aside as pure garbage or as a remnant for something that was cancelled long ago, but that may not be the case anymore.

Aside from digging up dirt on cancelled projects developed by Rockstar, the Superannuation chap has also found several trademarks registered by Warner Brothers for new Batman games. Some of the new trademark registrations include Batman: Hush, and Batman: Imposters.  Attentive comic book fans will recognize Batman: Hush and Batman: Imposters as being two pivotal comic book arcs for our favorite vigilante.

So what is Warner Brothers doing exactly? Are we actually going to see a new small scale Batman game pop out that for some reason isn’t being handled my Rocksteady?  Despite the cry gamers dish out when companies like Activision or EA have one studio constantly do the same game, I think we’re all in agreement in how Rocksteady needs to make all future Batman games – even if there’s a three to four year gap in between releases.  Batman: Arkham Asylum was godly, Batman: Arkham City looks like it’s going to be godly and despite receiving more Batman action, I don’t think it may be worth checking out if the fine folks at Rocksteady haven’t touched it.

Currently word is pointing towards this XBLA Batman game being a multiplayer centric title developed by Turbine (LOTR Online).  The idea of playing as Hush or even Killer Croc and beating the hell out of one another may sound fun, but I’m wondering if this will be the DC equivalent of the terribad game that was Punisher: No Mercy.