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Want To See More Of Eight Days? Well Here's A New Video For You

This may only make some gamers bitterer than they already were, but yet another Eight Days video has been released. You may remember yesterday we got some new footage of the game and today we have another video detailing a prototype for a complete level.  Previously my hype for Eight Days was high and I was saddened when the game got the boot but I always understood some of Sony’s reasoning behind making such a decision. But after watching this latest video I’m kind of in the angry gamer camp once more since Eight Days should’ve been given a shot instead of being relegated as a mere memory.

We’ve seen snippets of this Eight Days level in the past but I implore all of you to stay tuned to the video as the action goes into complete Hollywood blockbuster mode. If you ever wanted to play a game in which two heroes are hanging onto something connected to a helicopter while they engage in a freeway battle then you may be left crying after this vid since Eight Days featured all of that.

Ever since videos of Eight Days started to leak I think there was a feeling that people liked what the game offered but that it just seemed too derivative or normal, even for the time when the game was in development back in 2006-2007. But since we have a full level walkthrough I think the potential Eight Days had is finally shining through.  We may never be in short supply of 3rd person shooting games but the mix of high level scripted sequences and action sequences that heavily show off physics based action and acute detail shows that Eight Days would’ve been something special if the proper polish was done.

Sony may have felt that Eight Days was a lost cause or was unnecessary since they don’t like to over extend themselves with multiple games in a similar genre, but I do think they may have completely missed the boat. Obviously Sony is totally rocking things with their continued strong roster of 1st party games, but to me it’s just a mega bummer that Lair was released yet Eight Days was cancelled, perhaps in the wake of SCE Worldwide Studios being a bit of a mess for the early portion of the PS3 era.  Eight Days may not have reached Uncharted levels of awesome but it still looks better than half the games released these days and it’s a shame all the work of SCE London Studio did will never be seen the way it was meant to be.

[via Unseen64]