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Want to get into the Socom 4 beta? Then get ready to buy Killzone 3

With a reported April release date, anticipation is running high for Socom 4 as it marks the return of the series to developer Zipper Interactive. For the past few months Zipper has been uncharacteristically quiet on the multiplayer front but that’s finally going to change next month when the Socom 4 multiplayer beta launches.

Instead of holding a closed beta that’s only accessible through an invite, Sony will be allowing a wide crop of gamers to get into the new 32-player based modern warfare action of Socom 4 if they so desire. All gamers will have to do is purchase specially marked boxes of Killzone 3. Yup, Sony is going with the “beta voucher with the game” method with the Socom 4 beta but at least it makes a smidgen of sense as both games attract the same type of gamers.

Zipper Interactive hasn’t shared any details concerning the beta such as how long it’ll run or how many maps will be offered. After getting a taste of Socom 4’s single-player component last year and being disappointed with the experience offered in Socom: Confrontation, I’m really excited to get into the beta and hopefully have fun blasting fools when I’m not taking people out in Killzone 3.

PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe will have access to the beta though a start date and exact distribution method has yet to be announced. For all we know Sony may have limited slots for the Euro beta just like what occured with the beta for Killzone 3.

[via the PlayStation Blog]