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Video Games' Best Kept Secret

With the Recent events at E3 and all of the juicy love that came with it, we we're given a first look (a day after the photos leaked) of the new Xbox 360 design. Now although this is not much of a shocker, because the PS3 did a re-design and they must follow suit, it was still an awesome reveal.


A lot of attendees viewed Microsoft's presence at E3 as weak, with the lack-lustre line-up of Kinect sludge. In my opinion, the new design of the 360 was one of the greatest things displayed at E3 (not to mention the best part of the Microsoft brief by far). Along with its efficiency, the new design touts a quieter experience along with the faster in-console network adapter on the market. We here at Shogun Gamer are still waiting in constant anticipation for our media present that Microsoft announced they we're sending all of the briefing attendees; we will update and review as soon as we receive it.


Today I realized that the new Xbox 360 was kept under wraps quite well. In fact, the new 360 could be the best-kept secret the video game industry has seen in years. I have listened to a stack of post-E3 podcasts and watched Twitter like a hawk on ten cans of red bull. There have been a few Microsoft/Xbox employees claiming to have had the new 360 in their possession for months now. Obviously they have been able to complete the ever-evading task of secrecy and I just don't understand how. Larry Herb aka "Major Nelson" says he has had his new Xbox in his office at home for month and just threw a cloth over it any time he would have company. Stephen Toulouse aka "Stepto" stated that he had to physically lock up his new Xbox because of a house cleaning service that could potentially spot the yet to be announced hardware.


How did they do it? I have no clue. So many things have been leaked during the lead-up to E3 (the PSPgo). There is not enough paper on the planet to list the title announcements that have made their way into consumers’ hands before the show. This year there was a couple of titles that I had no clue about (Twisted Metal and most of the 3Ds titles). I, for one, am glad to see that some people out there still care about the shock-and-awe factor behind E3 and the whole industry coming together as a whole to “show off”.


I must give kudos to all of those with early access to the new Xbox 360; you have managed to do the one thing no one else seems to be able to accomplish. Stay tuned for our review of the new console.