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Versus Verdict: Ratchet and Clank Win

Our second ever versus match was one that will be remembered in the video game fictional fight history docs, and our winners for the “Who Brought the Lube Showdown 2011” are Ratchet and Clank.

Let’s think about it a second, the fight would have been a fantastic throw down. With both Ratchet and Jak having a vast array of ridiculous abilities at their disposal, there is some sights to be seen. Don't forget their loyal companions Daxter and Clank, the two would have duked it with plenty of explosions that would have made the 4th of July look like a toddler using fireworks for the first time. There may have even been a few disco balls thrown in there by Ratchet’s Groovitron glove. Can you imagine Jak dancing like he just found out that Earth, Wind, and Fire were having a comeback tour?

What makes Ratchet vastly superior when it comes to this fight is the greater amount of weaponry he has over Jak & co. You see, Jak had one gun throughout his entire video game career. The Morph Gun is a great weapon that can be tailored to fit any situation with the help of mods and such. But Ratchets gargantuan sized armoury and ability to overcome minuscule odds obviously had you guys convinced that Ratchet would be a victor in what would have seemed to be a fight of epic proportions.

Also the old commercials for Ratchet and Clank games gives us a real understanding on how devastating his weapons would be to our real world problems.