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Versus: Commander Sheppard vs. Master Chief

We here at Shogun Gamer are starting a new feature article that will be released weekly. It's called, Versus. It's kind of like a deadliest warrior for gamers. We give you two characters from the video game universe, put them down in an environment that we think would even the odds and let you, the readers, decide the outcome. Of course you may have trouble deciding when it comes down to the crucial finale. So we'll also put some info up on the characters that we've decided to put face to face in their fight to the death.  After all this is done we can all have a nice calm discussion in the comment section. So here goes our first Versus match: Commander Sheppard vs. Master Chief. Fight!

The Arena

The fight will take place in a Cargo Spaceship filled with solid materials and 100's of cover options.

Master Chief

Alias: John, Spartan 117, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

Weapons of Choice: MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System/Assault Rifle (Mid-Range Weapon), Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Anti-Matériel (Long Range Weapon), Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword (Melee Weapon).

Bio: Spartan 117 happens to be the last remaining Spartan in the UNSC, after the events of Halo: Reach. John 117 is a man with mysterious upbringings, and not much is known about him or his previous military career prior to the events of Halo: Combat Evolved.  He woke up to some kind of Covenant blitzkrieg going on in his ship and the man blows through the opposing force like a knife through butter. Not only did he do this, but after the short assault on-board the ship he was stranded with a small resistance that took on the Covenant forces like the 300 Spartans. Master Chief took on an entire armada of enemy forces and blew up their mothership. Hardly resembling an invading alien race, the Covenant had less military tactics than Mussolini. The Covenant could have learned a thing or two from the Predators because those guys got stuff done!  Master Chief also destroyed this entire armada while dealing with a zombie infestation.  

Commander Sheppard

Alias: John Sheppard

Weapon of Choice:  Banshee Assault Rifle (Mid-Range Weapon), M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle (Long-Range Weapon), M-6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol (Close-Range Weapon), Sheppard throughout the Mass Effect series does not have a melee weapon.

Bio: For this demonstration we are going to use Bioware's commercial interpretation of the Commander. Commander Sheppard is regarded (in Mass Effect 2) as the savior of humanity. You see there are a whole lot of these giant deep space, robot, war machines called Reapers and every couple of light cycles they decide to destroy every living thing in the galaxy. We don't quite understand why they do it because apparently they don't think we are smart enough to understand. But in comes Sheppard, the sole surviving soldier after a thresher maw attack on a previous mission, to save all of our butts. Not only does he repel an army of Reapers, Geth and The Harbinger, he also manages to save the galaxy from the big baddy Saren. Sheppard leaves the council (sort of like a U.N. for aliens) to die, and saves multiple human lives in the process.  After these events, the new human led council assigns Commander Sheppard's useful Geth killing skills to go kill more Geth! Well during his routine Geth patrols his humorous spaceship driver, Joker, kind of crashes the Normandy SR-1 into a particle canon. That's generally not healthy for space ships. During this time Sheppard is getting Joker off board and leaves himself behind and goes down with the ship! Silver trophy unlocked-Awesome! But is that enough to kill Sheppard? Hell no, the guy is a survivor. He was blown up in his ship, which is entirely Jokers fault I might add, is stuck in space for a couple of minutes before burning in the atmosphere, and crashing into a planet and he still doesn't die. Miranda (the sexy super-human) may have rebuilt him, but it's still pretty f***ing incredible he is alive.  I won't spoil Mass Effect 2 for those who haven't played it yet, but let's just say his ventures in this episode are equally, if not better, than his past exploits.

Time for you to vote

That's our fight right there folks. Sheppard vs. Master Chief who do you think will win? Vote here or discuss in the comments below. We'll announce the winner this Saturday based on your discussion and results.