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Uncharted 3 Has An Unlikely Villain [Video]

The Uncharted series has always done a rather excellent job at giving us good villains.  Instead of having a somewhat outlandish baddie, we’ve faced off against guys who were either ruthless or insane but never quite reached cartoon type levels of insanity.  Uncharted is basically a pulp novel or comic book come to life but the series thankfully hasn’t stayed too close to its pulp nature by giving us villains who really aren’t interesting at all. Part of the series’ success with its villains is because of the terrific voice actors and of course the wonderful writers over at Naughty Dog.

But today I think we may have a villain that tops what we’ve seen previously in the first two Uncharted games. Now what can be scarier than a crazed military guy who did ethnic cleansing in his homeland? Well how about an otherwise unassuming middle-aged British lady as the central baddie for Uncharted 3?  I know it may seem odd that we seemingly have a Helen Mirren clone in Uncharted 3, but that’s the case as Katherine Marlowe is the person that will give Nathan Drake and those close to him a miserable time.

Katherine Marlowe may not seem like she would be a deadly adversary for Nathan, but as the leader of a secret society she has the means to cause lots of trouble for Nathan and she’s definitely going to do so in Uncharted 3.  The exact motivations of Katherine in Uncharted 3 haven’t been revealed, but there’s some history between her and Nathan (maybe he has a thing for GILFs) which has something to with the ring of Sir Frances Drake, which Katherine snatches away in the video below.  I know it may be disappointing that we have a villain that Nathan won’t be able to throw down with, but at least we may have a deeper narrative thanks to Katherine’s background and her very calculating and cold personality.

It’s cool that Naughty Dog is giving us some more info on the game again and we finally have some info on who will be beating the crap out of Nathan, albeit indirectly.  In case you forgot, and shame on you if you did, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be available on November 11th, 2011.