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Uncharted 3 Is Going To Have A Nice Bonus For Starhawk Fans

I normally don’t make a big deal out of when a game goes gold (final retail prints are being made), but I will make an exception for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  Not only are we getting ever so closer to the November 1 release of Uncharted 3, but today Sony has announced that copies of the game will come with an added bonus: a voucher for the Starhawk multiplayer beta.

Yup, once again gamers will be able to get some early hands time with one of Sony’s key titles as a Starhawk beta will be launched in early 2012.  A Starhawk beta has always been a given, but exactly when it would happen remained a mystery until now. Details on the Starhawk beta haven’t been announced but I’m sure we’ll have at least a few maps to mess around on with the formidable Hawks and perhaps the hover jets being key tools of destruction for us to use.

Hearing that a game is receiving a beta may not be a big deal these days since most of the time we simply receive what amounts to being a buggy demo that’s not even indicative of the final game. But back in the day the Warhawk beta was rather key in shaping the final game and it essentially gave gamers everything the final game had to offer – thus people like me who sunk countless hours into the beta were able to own everyone when the game finally hit retail.  Sony and Lightbox likely won't give us the full gamut of content for Starhawk during the beta but at least we’ll be able to make our voice heard about any issues the title has.

I’ve been nothing but impressed with the hands-on time I’ve had with Starhawk so to say I’m excited about this beta is an understatement.