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Unaired Top Spin 4 Commercial Featuring Serena Williams Is Leaked, Almost Completely Shameful

Sometimes I see things that make me wonder about the direction the video game industry is taking. No, I’m not referring to how or if publishers should further promote indie games or how they should improve their promotion of digitally distributed games but am rather distraught about some of the advertising that has come out of the video game industry. Sometimes we get advertising that would make Don Draper a happy man but sometimes we get advertising that’s either so silly or jaw droppingly bad that it’s almost shocking that it ever passed the initial pitch stage.

When people think of tennis they may not necessarily think of it as a sexy or action packed sport.  Having two or four people on a clay court going at it can be entertaining, but for audiences in North America tennis isn’t a go to sport to watch on TV.  But tennis does have a bit of mainstream appeal going for it due to some of the lovely women and men who play the sport.  Ladies like Maria Sharapova manage to bring people into tennis since seeing an attractive woman play a sport is interesting to some people when compared to seeing a big brute play a game.  So taking he note that gamers love hot women (even though there’s an increase of female gamers) a commercial was created for Top Spin 4 which even when looked at as a slight spoof or tongue-in-cheek ad that’s meant to be crazy, is still completely shameful in just about every way.

So at some point during the pitch phase for Top Spin 4 commercials, 2K Sports and its creative partners (I honestly would love to know which agency created this as Donny Deutsch is bound to be shaking his head) thought of a commercial involving Serena Williams.  As one of the most dominant and popular tennis players in the sport, it makes sense for Serena to be a prominent figure in the marketing for the game. But seeing Serena dressed in a skimpy black outfit as she grips a PlayStation Move controller and battles the “world’s sexiest tennis gamer” isn’t what I was expecting out of a commercial.  The commercial itself is so silly (crotch and ass shots galore) that it’s as if the video game industry has one again lived up to the mantra that gamers are sex crazed fools as this commercial is 100% trying to say sex sells with the actual game merely being a footnote.

Thankfully 2K Sports had the common sense not to approve this commercial and the only reason we know of its existence is because the model who co-starred in the commercial (sexiest tennis gamer) leaked it via her YouTube account.  I’m happy that 2K Sports had the common sense to ax the commercial since it’s almost shameful to the point of embarrassment.  Yeah, Serena is an attractive woman but the general tone of the commercial and how it was produced just has all the wrong meanings behind it. I understand that commercials need to hook mainstream gamers in somehow but in the future it would be nice if such a thing could be accomplished without being almost completely sexist.