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Two New DC Universe Online Trailers And New Content Info Released

SOE has released two videos for DC Universe Online, one showing endgame content and a new cinematic for what looks like an upcoming expansion to the game. Along with these, SOE has been kind enough to give some details on the upcoming content patch for the month of February, keeping with their promise to release new content on a monthly basis.

The new content will include an episode based around Catwoman, along with having her playable in Legends PvP and a multiplayer chase of her. Valentine's Day themed content will also be made available as well as a new Tier 2 raid based in the Batcave, auction houses in the Watchtower and the Hall of Dom, and various new gear, races, and investigations. As an interesting note, this is only the new content for this particular month. If SOE keeps releasing content at the rate that it seems they are, the game will fill out quite nicely in a short period of time.

The two trailers can be seen below, and slightly more specifics can be found on IGN right here. New cinematic also courtesy of IGN.