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Two More Characters Are Revealed For Street Fighter X Tekken

The hype around Street Fighter X Tekken has been incredibly high and justifiably so since we’re getting a dream match-up that is hardly seen in gaming.  For year’s gamers had wondered what it would be like to see the characters of Street Fighter and Tekken square off against one another and now we’re finally getting such a thing in Street Fighter X Tekken and it looks amazing.

To be honest I haven’t been uber excited about Street Fighter X Tekken since I’m more of a Tekken guy, thus my excitement is being reserved for the still in development Tekken X Street Fighter.  I decided not to check out the playable build of Street Fighter X Tekken when it was at E3 last month mostly because I didn’t want to embarrass myself (I’m not a SF master) but what I saw of the game did confirm that Capcom hasn’t lost their touch when it comes to making fighting games.

Street Fighter X Tekken may have been off of my radar but I may jump back into things thanks to this new roster update. With the San Diego Comic Con kicking off today and video game companies going gaga at the event, Capcom has revealed that both Yoshimitsu (Tekken) and Poison (Final Fight) will be in the game.  Both Yoshi and Poison can be seen in action in this new gameplay trailer which was released today and yes, both characters look exceedingly good.

Tekken fans should be extremely happy since Yoshimitsu is sporting his design from Tekken 3, which to fans of the series is the character’s best look.  Yoshi doesn’t appear to be changed in anyway as all his trademark moves are still there and the only thing I did notice was a more pronounced sound effect for his sword.  Poison on the other hand is probably a surprise inclusion in the game as she isn’t an original Street Fighter combatant in any way.  But considering that Haggar from Final Fight got into SF I guess we shouldn’t go into schematics over who should and shouldn’t be included since it still boils down to being Capcom goodness. Poison’s design in the SFIV art style looks fine and I am impressed with her fighting style which appears to revolve around fast kicks and jump moves.

I don’t think anyone will be too surprised at Yoshimitsu being in Street Fighter X Tekken as he’s an iconic character in the Tekken universe but the Poison appearance is major surprise.  There may be some drama over Poison’s inclusion amongst the hardcore Capcom community, but we might as well go with the flow since surprise stuff like that will most likely just make the game better since it’ll provide a series of “It’s a trap” jokes and the possibility of strange fan-fiction cropping up.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita next year.  As of now it doesn’t appear that any more character reveals will be made in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con so we’ll have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show in September for our next big info dump.