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TOROcast - Episode 50 - Freedom!

Yes, I know I already issued the guys over at TOROcast a little while ago, but it seems like they deserve another! It’s their 50th show after all, and that’s no small feat. We at ShogunGamer are proud to offer up this massive show for you, and we give the guys over at TORO a great big congratulation! Here’s to your first 50, and hopefully another 50 down the road! 

The show is a big one this week, as I mentioned before. Not only because this is their 50th show, but because of the updates that have gone on, and the crazy amount of co-hosts sitting in this week. Here’s the description from Money himself:

[quote=SammMoney] We would like to thank everyone for joining us for show 50! We have a huge show today on the heels of one of the biggest update weeks in TOR’s history. We are joined by our entire group of hosts for this mega-show. Samm, Musco, Brandon, Fo, K, and Dennis! Tune in and enjoy the crazyness.[/quote]

Side-note: The header this week was a tag-team effort between myself and Corey Rollins. We just made Rachel Dratch attractive, I think that puts us in the PhotoShop Big Leagues. 

Enjoy the show!