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Tomb Raider Is Getting Another Reboot, This Time It's For The Movie Franchise

If one reboot of Tomb Raider wasn’t enough for you, then how does a cinematic reboot sound as well? In addition to the Tomb Raider video game reboot which sees a younger Lara Croft become the adventurer we all know that lies deep inside her, production company GK Films has secured the rights to do a live-action Tomb Raider film.  GK Films, which has brought us projects ranging from the Nic Cage film “Next” to quality stuff like “The Town”, has a planned 2013 release for their Tomb Raider film.

Right now the new cinematic adventures of Lara Croft don’t have a home at one of the big movie studios, and GK Films hasn’t alluded to which studio the project is likely to land. In the past Lara made her film debut with Paramount, but after the lackluster performance of the 2nd film Paramount dumped the property which was later picked up Warner Brothers who in turn did nothing with the property (sounds like Lost Planet film am I right?) Even though Warner Brothers did nothing with the property during the time they had it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio picks up the film since they don’t seem afraid of doing genre based projects.  But I just pray to the movie gods up in the sky that Tomb Raider doesn’t find 20th Century Fox as its home seeing as how it’s one of the worst studios out there. Sure, Fox released James Cameron’s Avatar but they also gave us the abomination that was Dragon Ball: Evolution.

GK Films and its founder Graham King (it’s not ego-centric to name a company after yourself is it?) didn’t share any details on the plot or announce a writer for the project. If Square Enix has a say in the film, of which they assuredly will, we’ll probably see the Tomb Raider film have a tone similar to the new Tomb Raider game which has a young Lara battling for her life. So which actress would be best to put on the tank top of Lara to do some jumping and puzzle solving?  Between now and next year who knows who’ll be popular but I wouldn’t mind seeing Emily Browning take on the role. Of course most of you don’t know who Emily Browning is, but she can be seen next in “Sucker Punch” in which she’s doing all sorts of heroic crap and is looking good while doing it. Alas I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Blake Lively as Lara Croft and having to deal with a horrible British accent.

So next year we’re getting a new Tomb Raider game and the year after a new movie, which may or may not be terrible.  Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise has always been perfect for the world of movies, but the two Angelina Jolie films didn’t quite hit the mark for reasons unknown.  Getting a proper Tomb Raider film would be nice but it would be slightly sad that it only took almost twenty years to happen.

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