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Telltale Games Wanted To Do A Scott Pilgrim Game But...

Video game developer Telltale Games has kept themselves rather busy as of late tackling high profile projects like Back to the Future: The Game, Jurassic Park: The Game and most recently the announcement of their game adaptation of the comic book/TV show The Walking Dead.  But amongst Telltale’s stable of games based on licensed properties, the company wanted to do one more project: a Scott Pilgrim adventure game.  Doing an adventure game based on the hit graphic novel/cult film loved by geeks, gamers and hipsters would’ve been something that gamers would dig, but one person in particular didn’t particularly think the concept sounded that good.

The man who crushed the opportunity for Telltale Games to do a Scott Pilgrim adventure game was none other than the creator behind the series, Brian Lee O’Malley. Taking to his Twitter account, O’Malley revealed that at some point Telltale Games approached him with the concept to do a Scott Pilgrim game, but he didn’t think the comic would work best as an adventure game. You can see O’Malley’s Tweet below:

[quote=Brian Lee O’Malley] Telltale wanted to do Scott Pilgrim but I said no. I couldn't see it as an adventure game. All respect to them, though[/quote]

I’m not even a huge Scott Pilgrim fan, I only got into the movie through my girlfriend, but I’m even bummed that we never got a chance to see what Telltale wanted to do.  There probably would’ve had to been some tinkering done with Scott Pilgrim to make it fit within the confines of an adventure game, but the idea of going through a series of adventures through Scott or his friends all leading up to an epic boss fight probably would’ve been fun as hell, especially if Telltale decided to go all out and give us an exact replica of O’Malley’s colorful and over-the-top Scott Pilgrim world.

Being the man behind Scott Pilgrim, I don’t think any of us should immediately argue with O’Malley’s decision, especially since we don’t know what Telltale’s pitch was. But I think none of us would’ve immediately thought the concept of a side-scrolling Scott Pilgrim brawling game would’ve turned out good and we all know what the end result of that was. Maybe at some point down the road we’ll see O’Malley change his mind and let Telltale give it a shot, or maybe Universal (which owns the Scott Pilgrim film rights will overrule O’Malley), and we’ll get a more in-depth chance to experience the world of Scott Pilgrim.