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Telltale Games Issues A Somewhat Disappointing Update Concerning The Jurassic Park Game

I think a good portion of gamers may not have known this, but the first installment of Telltale Games' Jurassic Park game was set to drop this month on the PC. But as is often the case in the wild jungle that is video game development, unexpected things came up and additional time is needed to polish things, thus Telltale Games has delayed Jurassic Park’s debut on the PC.

The news about Jurassic Park’s delay is about as official as you can get as an email from TT Games was sent to gamers who had pre-ordered the first episode of Jurassic Park’s dino-chomping video game debut.  It seems like Telltale didn’t know or immediately want to delay the game as they entered the month of April, but seeing as how the game is pushing the limits of what the studio has done before, a delay was required in order to make sure gamers don’t get the HD equivalent of Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

So far what has been shown of the Jurassic Park video game looks good, but as a whole the concept of the game, which is heavily reliant on quick time events, just hasn’t rekindled the flames of nostalgia like some had hoped it would.  It is nice to see Telltale branch out a bit and take on a project that is heavily reliant on action and establishing a constant sense of drama, but seeing some very rough animations and having a QTE or contextual prompt pop up every couple of seconds isn’t exactly what gamers had in mind with what a Jurassic Park game should be this generation.

As of now Telltale Games hasn’t set an exact release window for when Jurassic Park: Episode 1 will finally debut on the PC, but it was mentioned that the PC version will launch alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game which have always been pegged with a Fall release date.  Since Telltale Games is just a modestly sized developed (they roughly have around 100 staff members) it could be possible that the sudden delay of Jurassic Park will result in delays for some of the other projects the studio is working on such as the video game adaptation of the hit graphic novel/TV show The Walking Dead.

I guess in hindsight whatever impact the delay of Jurassic Park has with Telltale’s other games it’s ultimately a good move since the last thing we need at this point is another sub-par video game adaptation of a beloved film franchise.