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Team Ico Head Fumito Ueda Breaks His Silence With A Very Minor Update On The Last Guardian

A week has almost elapsed since the not so great rumor broke that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda left Sony.  Not all was completely lost for Team Ico and its current project The Last Guardian as Fumito was reportedly finishing up his work on the game in a freelance capacity. Now like most rumors, Sony and Fumito didn’t bother to comment on the rumor – thus igniting debates amongst gamers wondering if the rumor was legit while others were praying that it was false.

Finally breaking his silence, Fumito Ueda has given a brief update via his Twitter account which somewhat inspires a smidgen of confidence.  Sadly Fumito didn’t outright confirm or deny his departure from Sony and Team Ico, but he did confirm that The Last Guardian is still in development.

There was never any worry that The Last Guardian was going to be cancelled nor have there been any rumors pointing to such a thing.  In a way there may still be an immense amount of worry that Fumito has indeed left Sony, but at least we can rest easy that The Last Guardian is still in development and that Fumito is overseeing things in some capacity.

It’s odd that Fumito didn’t comment on the rumor that broke last week, even in some vague capacity, and as of now we still don’t know what’s going on.  Fumito has never been one to troll us in the past or play mind games with us like Hideo Kojima so something could still be amiss with him and The Last Guardian.

At some point Sony will have to address the Fumito Ueda rumor head on or at least reassure gamers that all is good with The Last Guardian by giving us an updated look at the game.  GDC 2012 is a potential event for Sony to show the game off, but we may have to wait until late May or E3 2012 to see if The Last Guardian will indeed be a masterpiece or a game that for some reason just fell apart.