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The Team Behind Dead Space Appears To Be Prepping A New IP

EA’s go-to studio for action games could be prepping a huge new project if a recent job posting is any indication.  After releasing the mega hit that is Dead Space 2, Visceral Games looks to be gearing up for a new IP, that could very well become the series the Redwood Shores branch of the studio is known for.  Job Postings usually give us small indications of what a studio is prepping (like the recent one Media Molecule posted) but EA has gone and posted a job ad for an Executive Producer position at Visceral Redwood Shores that would be responsible for the studio’s new IP.

Unlike what we’re used to seeing, the job posting for the EP position at Redwood Shores goes a bit into detail about things, well at least compared to the vagueness we’re used to seeing.  The job posting mentions that the new IP is “bold” and is “heavily backed by EA leadership.” One would assume that the EA brass is behind the project considering Visceral Games have proven that they know what they’re doing (I’m even counting the so-so Dante’s Inferno too).  Further details mentioned in the job posting hint that the IP isn’t far into production yet as the Executive Producer would be tasked with essentially creating a test level fulfilling the vertical slice requirements (you can Google what a vertical slice demo is), and that test demo would eventually grow into a full AAA product.  Considering the early nature of the game, it’s safe to say that we won’t see anything from it for at least a year or at max two, pending EA doesn’t change their mind and cancel the project.

With EA Redwood Shores gearing up for an IP, that kind of leaves Dante’s Inferno and the Dead Space franchises in unique positions.  Despite the lashing that Dante’s Inferno received, the game apparently was set to receive a sequel as several job postings for Visceral Games were looking for those with combat experience in video games, thus the combat heavy action of Dante’s Inferno seemed like the game in question. 

EA has seemingly given EA Montreal (now dubbed Visceral Games Montreal) some more duties in handling the Dead Space franchise as the studio is on the hunt for a new Senior Development Director for the Dead Space franchise.  Like most EA projects, EA Montreal aided the team at Redwood Shores with the development of Dead Space 2, but maybe the folks that brought us Army of Two: The 40th Day will be taking a bigger role in the Dead Space franchise as per this job posting.  Either that or EA has farmed out development duties for future DLC to EA Montreal while the Redwood Shores branch focuses on their new IP.

Perhaps the Dante’s Inferno franchise has been put to rest or maybe Visceral Redwood Shores will handle that and this major new IP while EA Montreal will handle future Dead Space games, under the guise of the core staff from the first two projects of course. Seeing as how the Army of Two franchise may be a thing of the past, it would make sense for EA Montreal to be given a huge project like Dead Space, while Redwood Shores is tasked with creating the next big thing for EA.

At this point I’m just wondering what the hell happened to the publicly announced Jack the Ripper game Visceral Games was tackling. I guess the demon fighting adventures of Jack will have to wait another day unless it’s the IP in question.

Quick question for y'all: would you be comfortable with EA Montreal handling the Dead Space franchise while Visceral Redwood Shores handles a new IP, that for all we know could end up being so-so?  I just hope that the team and EA know what they're doing and don't dilute the Dead Space brand or the name of Visceral Games.

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