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Take A Quick Tour Through The Regions Of SSX [Video]

At this point EA has almost completely turned around the fan reception on the SSX reboot since the game looks good. Seriously, I know I was a hater of the apparent dudebro direction the new SSX title was going in, but after seeing the game evolve over the last few months and then getting some hands-on time with it I’m all but sold on the title, and that’s not just because I need a new snowboarding game in my life.

Since we’re getting closer to the release of SSX EA has released yet another behind-the-scenes video that shows off a few key aspects of the game. The video, like most behind-the-scenes vids, has plenty of talking head moments in which the developers talk about how awesome their game is, which of course isn’t shocking to hear. But beyond hearing devs go down the scripted bullet-point list they’ve been allowed to discuss by PR, the video does show off some of the different regions gamers can shred some pow pow on and the immediate differences between those regions.

A key reveal in this SSX vid, which is the first part of an ongoing series, is an extended look at the Alaska region.  One constant gripe old-school SSX gamers have had with the new SSX game is that the game doesn’t feature the same over-the-top course design that the previous games did.  The team at EA Canada is obviously trying to take their own path with SSX but they have pushed things in an exaggerated angle since we can grind on a massive and seemingly never ending oil pipeline in Alaska.  It may not be as thrilling as snowboarding on a corkscrew ramp or gliding down a metropolis in the snow, but an oil pipeline is good enough for me.

So far there’s not much I can harp on about SSX or the general direction the game is going on. By now I think most SSX fans have accepted the flavor of snowboarding the title is going to provide and by how everything looks it ought to be as much fun as the old SSX games were.  I don’t know if the new SSX will have the same immediate replay factor in how it makes gamers want to break their 125,000 score on a map, but if the game is as much fun as it was at PAX Prime then I’m sure gamers will once again be addicted to snowboarding.