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Suda 51 gives an update on No More Heroes 2 and his EA project

One of the most popular Wii games amongst the hardcore gaming crowd is No More Heroes. The unique mix of interesting violent game play, over-the-top characters and geek overtones garnered the game an audience among the otaku crowd that its protagonist Travis Touchdown was based on. NMH received decent reviews among critics with the only big criticism being the poorly implemented world that the player could navigate via their motorcycle but of course as is the case with most M-rated Wii games the game didn’t perform that well in terms of sales but still did quite reasonable considering how poorly marketed it was by Ubisoft and being released a few weeks before the heavy hitter that was Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Fans of the game were taken aback when a sequel to the game was announced at TGS 08 last year. Titled No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle the game finds protagonist Travis Touchdown on a quest for vengeance after someone close to him was killed, many fans believe this to be his kitten Jeane. Since then news on the game has been light with the only real story being that voice actor Josh Keaton would be appearing in the game perhaps once again as the assumed to be dead Destroyman.

But it seems like things are progressing nicely on NMH2 as in a recent interview with series creator Suda 51 said that the game is nearing the end of production.  While that is certainly good news to fans of the game Suda didn’t make it clear if we would be lucky and perhaps see the game be released this year or if it would still be scheduled for its original early 2010 release.

Suda does confirm that the game will be at E3 but it won’t be playable so we probably won’t be able to get any impressions on any new combat mechanics and other new features. But as long as Suda gives us a crazy ass new trailer I’ll be happy.

The one part of the 1up interview that may get the most attention is when 1up brought up the question of No More Heroes appearing on other consoles. Being the best-selling game of Grasshopper Manufacture it seems like Suda recognizes the strength NMH has as an IP but admits that there are currently no plans to have the game appear on other consoles.

It also remains a bit unclear when we’ll get the first look at the Electronic Arts game Suda is working on with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami as Suda wasn’t sure if the game would be shown at TGS later this year.

I'm a massive fan of No More Heroes and Suda's stuff in general and I highly await our first look at NMH2 simply to see what craziness will be in the game to out do what was in the first one.