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SSX: Deadly Descents Gets A Name Change + New BTS Video

When Electronic Arts unveiled their SSX reboot last December at the Spike Video Game Awards, the reception amongst gamers was about as icy as one of the treacherous mountain peaks that are featured in the game.  Gamers were far from thrilled upon seeing SSX: Deadly Descents and instead of fist bumping or high-fiving their fellow gamers, loyal SSX fans were instead readying their pitchforks to show EA what they really thought of the game.

Since the not so terrific December reveal of SSX: Deadly Descents, news on the game has been a bit hard to come by outside of a few somewhat off-putting comments from people involved with the project.  But with E3 knocking on our door EA has rekindled the SSX hype machine with the hopes of bringing back the gamers that they infuriated back in December. So what is EA doing to rectify their mistakes? Well for starters it appears that the new SSX game won’t feature the Deadly Descents moniker. In an interview with Game Informer SSX Producer Todd Batty revealed that the Deadly Descents moniker was just in reference to one of the modes featured in the game and wasn’t the actual title.  It seems like EA and the SSX dev team may be in back peddling mode seeing as how the press release for the game prominently called the project SSX: Deadly Descents.  In case you think I’m messing with you here’s the press release for the title that was released back in December:

[quote] Redefining the SSX franchise, SSX: Deadly Descents will pit riders versus both mountain and man. Players will explore the story of a team who seek to be the first to descend the faces of the most treacherous mountain ranges on the planet.[/quote]

A title change may simply be a minor change in an effort to make the new SSX project appear to be old-school on the outside, but the game may very well draw upon the style featured in the previous titles based on these new in-game screenshots. This is the first time EA has shown any media that represents what SSX looks like during gameplay and honestly I’m happy with how things look so far.  At this point no one really knows how much EA has retooled the new SSX game, if they have at all, but if there’s a little bit of color in the game like there is in these new screenshots then I may be willing to overlook the exclusion of a course that has three mega half-pipes with hard techno music pumping in the background.

With the amount of back peddling EA has seemingly taken with the new SSX game it’s nice to see that EA may indeed be listening to the fanbase and what gamers as a whole want to see out of the title.  After all, it probably wasn’t that hard for EA to look at what gamers said on the Facebook/Twitter account for the game or message boards like NeoGAF to realize just how much they screwed up with their quasi dudebro snowboarding game.  I guess we’ll soon find out if EA’s reinvention of the SSX franchise will indeed be a crowd pleaser or something that the company will quickly be reviled for.

Though based on this new behind-the-scenes video Gamespot just posted, maybe SSX is indeed back and will give us what we want. It may only be a five second gif, but it definitely appears that some of the old-school SSX vibe is making its way into the game in some form.