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Sony Santa Monica Could Be Prepping Or At Least Aiding In A New Open-World Action Game

For the past month or so there have been a lot of rumors concerning a new chapter in the core God of War series.  While there’s no doubt at all that we’re bound to see Kratos or the God of War universe return at some point, it did seem a bit odd that we would receive a new God of War game within the next year or so.  Of course I’m not a complete seer and don’t have deep inside sources within Sony so I don’t know if what we’ve heard is complete garbage or not.

Considering that those with Sony Santa Monica have said that the studio was looking at the possibility of developing a new IP it seemed like that would be the direction that would be next for the studio.  While we don’t have any official announcements concerning what’s next for the team responsible for the God of War series, we do have a recent job posting that does hint or at least confirm that the studio is doing something vastly different.

Thanks to a new job posting for Sony Santa Monica, which isn’t looking for people to join the God of War team, we have some early hints that the studio could be developing a new open-world action game.  Like all job postings, there aren’t a plethora of explicit details included in the job posting, but the ad (which is for a Level Designer) is looking for those with experience working with open-world action games.  Additionally Sony Santa Monica is also looking for a Combat Design with experience with 1st and 3rd person shooting games in addition to having experience with vehicular combat. Ok, so we have some sort of open-world action game with vehicular combat and possible switches between 1st and 3rd person action.  I think that’s about as far as you can get from the God of War franchise unless we’re getting God of War: New Jack City Edition.

With Sony Santa Monica being one of the bigger internal studios within Sony, it’s definitely possible that they could have two teams working on different project concurrently.  But what exactly is this new open-world action game from SSM?  For the past decade Sony Santa Monica has done the core God of War games and Kinetica along with support work for other games in the Sony family.  But I’m wondering if Sony Santa Monica is merely staffing up for a project that they’re merely helping out with, possibly PlanetSide 2 or even another project that we know nothing about at this point.

I may be a huge God of War fan (seriously, I love myself some Kratos and bloody Greek mythology action) but I would like to see Sony Santa Monica branch out and do something entirely different.  Getting yet another open-world action game this generation may not be the exact definition of Sony Santa Monica breaking out of the norm, but I’m sure whatever they do would be unique and probably as awesome as it could be.

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