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Sony Reveals A Plethora Of New Uncharted Tie-In Products (Awesome News For Toy Collectors)

As if the San Diego Comic couldn’t become an even bigger show for video game news and general goodness, Sony has revealed several major Uncharted related products that will debut at the show this week. Aside from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception being playable on the showfloor and an Uncharted panel with key talent from the game happening on Friday, Sony will be debuting several cool new Uncharted products with an array of partners ranging from collectible manufacturers and comic book companies.

In one of the rare occasions in which something at the San Diego Comic Con is actually related to the world of comic books, Sony has revealed that they’ve teamed up with DC Comics to produce an Uncharted comic book.  Simply titled Uncharted, the comic will follow Nathan and a few familiar faces as they go on a quest to find the Amber Room, which obviously has a host of riches and unimaginable wealth but of course isn’t that easy to get to.  The first issue of the Uncharted comic will arrive around the release of Uncharted 3 and it’ll probably be a decent project as have been the other PlayStation comics as of late (Resistance, Infamous).

The grizzled yet always appealing visage of Nathan Drake is finally joining the world of action figures/high-end collectibles in not just one but four major partnerships.  First up is the six-inch Nathan Drake figure that Mezco Toys is producing.  Taking inspiration from Nathan’s “I just got my ass kicked in the desert” look, the figure features Nathan in a pose in which we should all be familiar with as it features his half-tucked t-shirt and Nathan looking like a boss whilst holding a gun.  The Mezco Toys Uncharted figure will be available later this year but a price hasn’t been revealed as of now. Most of Mezco’s basic figures retail for between $14-25 so it shouldn’t be too costly to pick up a nice version of Nathan Drake to put next to your existing PlayStation memorabilia or action figure collection.

Next for Uncharted’s domination of video game merchandise is Sony’s partnership with Sideshow Collectibles.  Having worked on the Nathan Drake figure that will be included in the Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition, Sony has revealed that Sideshow Collectibles will be producing more Uncharted theme products to be sold via their site.  Sideshow Collectibles was responsible for the amazing Kratos statue that was released earlier this year so I’m expecting something similar out of this Uncharted partnership. Or if we’re lucky, maybe Sideshow will produce some prop replicas based on key Uncharted items like the Phurba dagger or maybe a series of diorama’s in the same vein as the ones produced for G.I. Joe.

The most surprising Uncharted reveal has to be the revelation of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake figure. Yup, Sony has teamed up with Square Enix’s toy division to produce a highly poseable figure of Nathan Drake based on his appearance in Uncharted 3.  Square Enix has quickly risen in the past year or so to become a highly reputable manufacturer of action figures that have a ridiculous amount of detail and articulation, two things that are missing from more affordable offerings or those that are meant for a clientele with a bigger wallet.  Sony and Square Enix haven’t set a release date for the Play Arts Kai Nathan figure, but it will be viewable at the Square Enix booth (#3829) at the SDCC this week.

The Square Enix Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake figure.

Last on the figure front for Uncharted is a series of vinyl figures from ESC Toys.  Taking a more stylized approach to Nathan, the figures ought to be a nice addition to any collection but as is the case with most vinyl figures they will be made in limited quantities. With pre-orders opening this week, I suggest everyone pre-order them from the ESC Toys website as the Naughty Dog color variant is limited to just 500 pieces.  The ESC Toys Uncharted figures will be out around October and aren’t too much of an investment since they only retail for $49.

All of these new products, which also includes an original Uncharted novel, may sound like Sony is milking the franchise as much as possible but what do you expect? Since Uncharted 2 was released gamers across the globe have fallen in love with the series thanks to the gameplay and characters.  At this point it’s simply a natural extension to do a series of tie-in products like comics and figures for a game if it’s successful and games like Halo have gone on to become absolute titans due to reaching people who may otherwise be unfamiliar with the games through seeing a toy or comic book on a shelf.  Maybe Sony will burn a few people out by releasing too many Uncharted products while leaving other properties on the side (where are my Twisted Metal collectibles?) but until we see an Uncharted Happy Meal toy pop up at McDonalds I think we need not worry as to the direction Sony is taking the Uncharted franchise in.

Once the San Diego Comic Con kicks off we’ll probably receive a few more pictures of the Mezco and Square Enix Uncharted figures as well as an announcement as to what Sideshow Collectibles is prepping. As an avid collector of toys/statues I’m both happy and sad about this Uncharted news as I love the property but my bank account is going to be drained which will probably piss off my girlfriend.

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