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Sony Reportedly Revealing New God of War Game This Afternoon [E3 2011]

In a few hours we’re going to receive some potential megaton announcements from Sony, or at least that’s what we’re hoping for.  Sony may not give us a glimpse at the next iteration of the core PlayStation console just yet, but they could very well give us the complete lowdown on the NGP/PlayStation Vita and some of the rumored unannounced PS3 games they have in the pipeline (Sly 4, SCE London’s projects).  Of course there are bound to be a few familiar faces during Sony’s E3 presentation today, one of which will be the return of God of War.

God of War 3 may have been released last year, but Sony could be unveiling the next major chapter in the series today.  According to Forbes, Sony will be revealing a new God of War feature at their E3 press conference today. Interestingly enough, Forbes didn’t have any worth wild details about this new GOW adventure outside of saying it was a “3D adventure”. I don’t know if such statement is simply the standard stuff we can expect from a business centric site putting a video game in a clear category (3D as opposed to 2D like a side-scroller) or if Sony is literally developing a new Stereoscopic 3D centric GOW game.

God of War 3 wrapped up the core story of the franchise in a pretty nice package, so if we’re going to receive another entry in the series, I somewhat hope that it doesn’t involve Kratos at all. I know making such a statement may come across as blasphemy, but as much as I do like Kratos I must admit that with the prequels we’ve gotten and his arc in GOW3, the character is pretty much done for. Seeing as how Sony may not want to part with their golden GOW franchise, a leap to another mythical realm (Norse or even Hindu mythology) may be out of the question as we could receive another prequel or simply a Kratos-less Greek mythology adventure.

Since I don’t yet own a 3DTV I really can’t be too hyped up for a 3D enabled God of War game, so I really hope that Sony isn't creating the game with the intent to show off or further push their 3D gaming initiative.  Announcing a new God of War game for the PS3 may seem like overkill right now and I may actually feel a bit overwhelmed if not slightly beaten as the franchise could use a rest of sorts.

I guess we’ll soon find out what Sony and the team at Sony Santa Monica has planned once Sony kicks off their E3 conference later this afternoon.