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Sony Cambridge is working on something big

Out of the various Sony development studios across the globe, Sony Europe particularly the Sony Cambridge firm has gone through a huge shift of sorts. After being a powerhouse in the PS1 and PS2 era, Sony Cambridge was relegated to a technology studio along with tackling PSP and PlayStation Eye/Move projects.  Sony Cambridge going that route was a bit disappointing especially in the wake of The Getaway and Eight Days getting cancelled.

There’s good news however as a job posting on the PlayStation jobs website reveals that Sony Cambridge is working on a major PlayStation 3 title. What’s even more interesting is that this PS3 game is a sequel to an existing entry in a “multi-million selling franchise.”  The job posting didn’t reveal anything hints on what this project could be, so as of now we’re just going to have to make slightly baseless guesses.

The thought amongst some is that Sony Cambridge is rebooting the Medievil franchise, something which was rumored earlier this year. That’s definitely a possibility but was Medievil ever a multi-million selling franchise?  There’s also the prospect of Sony Cambridge taking over a recent Sony franchise from the original developer, something which I think could be a more likely possibility.

Based on the possibility of another Wipeout game, I guess Sony is finally ramping up their European division a bit to push out some true AAA blockbuster games that are catered to the core community. That’s unless this Sony Cambridge game is actually another installment of the Buzz franchise, which would be a bit of a downer.