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Sony announces the God of War Collection for the PS3

A few months ago a survey concerning special features and possible Collector’s Edition items for God of War 3 was sent out to various gamers. Among survey questions concerning things like audio commentary and statues one thing that caught the attention of many was a question asking if gamers would be interested in playing God of War 1 and God of War 2 on a Blu-ray disk. Of course this news blew up certain internet forums and God of War fans like me went absolutely bonkers at this possibility. But still there was some uncertainty if such a thing would ever become reality. Well the goodness is indeed happening as today Sony announced the God of War Collection for the PlayStation 3.

This holiday season we’ll be able to play both God of War games on a single Blu-ray disk in glorious 720p HD. Both games have gotten a bit of a rework in the visuals department so we should expect the games to look even better than they did on the PS2. Besides the games being in HD the other big news is that both titles will also have Trophy support. So if you beaten both God of War games 10 times already then at least you have something to look forward to especially if you’re a Trophy whore as I’m sure the game will have some unique Trophies to get.

Perhaps the best thing about the God of War Collection is that it will retail for only $39.99. If I may say so that price is a steal considering you’re getting two of the best action games ever released on the PS2 in HD with the added bonus of Trophy support.  The God of War Collection will be released this holiday season, just before we get our hands on God of War 3.

Now all Sony needs to do is release Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in HD before the Last Guardian is released and I’m a happy boy.

[Via PlayStation Blog]