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Something Mildly Good Finally Comes Out Of Kinect Star Wars: An R2-D2 Themed Xbox!

There may be a tiny bit of hope left for it, but as of now Kinect Star Wars looks like crap.  My feelings on the game aren’t rooted in me being a crazy Star Wars fan as I’m not but instead are based on my feelings as a gamer. I think when we heard that there was a Kinect enabled Star Wars game in the works it caused some excitement to grow since the Kinect is in desperate need for games that cater to the core audience that don’t make us feel like complete jackasses while we play.  Based on the E3 appearance Kinect Star Wars made last month the game is 0-2 so far on the promise it held.

This news may not immediately make Kinect Star Wars become a good game, but this afternoon at a San Diego Comic Con panel LucasArts and Microsoft announced the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle.  For the past two years Microsoft has done several special bundles either featuring combos of games or those that gave the Xbox 360 a slight facelift like the Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360.  The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle marks the first time a specially designed Xbox 360 is being bundled with a Kinect and it marks the first time I think a huge amount of gamers may be tempted to actually pick up a specially designed Xbox 360.

Instead of just featuring some slight color changes and maybe some simple art, the Star Wars themed Xbox 360 is modeled after none other than everyone’s favorite mischievous droid R2-D2.  Taking the full design traits of R2-D2, the custom Xbox 360 features the familiar blue and white paint scheme of the character along with other design motifs to replicate the look of the droid.  Maybe the coolest thing about the R2-D2 themed Xbox 360 is that it even makes the same sounds as the character when you turn the 360 on or open the disc tray.  Having the R2-D2 sound effects may be a minor thing but it’s a nice touch that I think really sets it aside from the other custom consoles we’ve seen lately.

Since R2-D2 was hardly ever alone in the Star Wars films, at least the original trilogy and not the new garbage, the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle will also include an Xbox 360 controller modeled after C-3P0.  Sadly the C-3P0 controller won’t have the voice of a British man, but it will have a shiny gold sheen to it that will no doubt be full of smudges after using it for two minutes. I kind of wish the C-3P0 controller would be sold separately but as of now it appears that it will only be found in the Kinect Star Wars Bundle.

The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle will have a high price tag as it’ll cost $449.  In a way the high price tag is justified since the bundle includes a white Kinect sensor, a copy of Kinect Star Wars, Kinect Adventures, a wired headset and “exclusive” downloadable content.  Microsoft may not be screwing gamers out of a good deal but I do think having a $400 price point would’ve been perfect or at least make more Star Wars fans more open to the idea of spending an exorbitant amount of money to have a Xbox 360 with a R2-D2 design.  Personally if I had the money to purchase the Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars bundle I would but I’m in complete poor mode so the least I can do is hope that it’ll pop up on eBay for $250 later down the road.

The Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle will be available later this year so if you wish to totally geek out and purchase it then may the Force be with you.