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Some wackness and hotness joins the Red Dawn remake

It seems like Hollywood is slowly making their way through the decades when it comes to remakes as the latest classic, or at least a classic amongst some, that Hollywood plans on remaking is Red Dawn. To those out there who have no idea what the hell Red Dawn is about the film revolves around a group of teenagers who become guerrilla soldiers due to a Soviet invasion of America. The film was pretty good for its time and still holds up well today and it featured a cast of popular actors like Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen which made it pretty popular when it was released. But of course no film is sacred and it’s time to do an unnecessary remake since Hollywood is creatively bankrupt.

So which hot actors will become the new teen soldiers in the updated version? Relatively unknown Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is taking on the role of Jed Ekert, originally played by Patrick Swayze, who is the leader of the ragtag pack of soldiers taking on the Ruskies.  Hemsworth may not be known now but you may recognize him as he played Capt. Kirk’s father in Star Trek and will soon become a god as he is set to play Thor in the upcoming Kenneth Branagh adaptation of the Marvel Comic.

Hemsworth’s involvement with the project has been known for some time but yesterday two additional actors signed on the project to serve as back up in the upcoming battle. Actor Josh Peck (The Wackness) has signed on to play Matt, the hotheaded younger brother of Jed. Peck has been in a few projects but if you haven’t seen The Wackness I highly suggest it as it’s one of hell of a movie and Peck turns in a really good performance.  Joining Peck will be Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) who takes on the role of Toni, a fighter that Jed and Matt encounter and who later becomes a love interest for Jed. The role of Toni was originally played by Jennifer Grey.

The cast seems solid and it seems like actors are being chosen who can actually act instead of just looking really good while they’re deep in the trenches of battle.

Today an interesting piece of info came out that writer/director Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, The Bourne Trilogy) had a go at the script and was involved in some rewrites before having his rewrites be rewritten (typical Hollywood silliness). It’s nice to hear that Gilroy was involved even though the parts of the story he touched may not make it into the final product.

Red Dawn could shape up to be an interesting action/drama film and turn out to be a worthy remake. But considering how many films from the 80s Hollywood plans on remaking I’m just wondering how soon before they’ll move up to the 90s and we’ll see remakes of Point Break, Speed and The Matrix pop up.

Red Dawn is currently set for a Sept. 24 2010 release and is being directed by Dan Bradley, who served as a 2nd Unit Director and Stunt Coordnator for Quantum of Solace.


Here's a hot pick of Adrianne Palicki since I have an excuse to post it.


And here's a trailer for The Wackness since it's an awesome movie.