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Some interesting info concerning the Rockstar PS3 exclusive spy game Agent

At Sony’s E3 conference it was announced that the PlayStation 3 was getting an exclusive franchise from prolific developer Rockstar Games in the form of Agent.  Besides a cool looking logo and a simple summary that the game would be a spy story set in the 1970s no other details were given. And of course in typical Rockstar fashion it’ll be quite some time before we see any media or learn new details on the project.

But the sharp eyes at the Superannuation blog have found some interesting info on Agent which shows that the project has been around for awhile. It seems that development on Agent has been going on for longer than we thought as the resume of a 3D modeler lists the game as a PlayStation 2 and Xbox title. The resume also lists the game as a Rockstar San Diego project which is interesting since the game is now being developed by the GTA team at Rockstar North. It's unclear why development on Agent stopped when it was being developed on the PS2 and Xbox and why Rockstar decided to start things up again on the PS3.

The other interesting piece of info Superannuation dug up sheds some light on a potential environment in Agent.  Once again the info comes from a resume of an Environment Artist who lists his duties on Agent as being part of a team sent to Cairo to capture over 10,000 reference photos for the game.

This info is particularly interesting as it shows that Agent could be an international affair and it may be somewhat ditching the typical Rockstar format of sticking to one key sandbox location. Obviously this may not be the case as the Cairo trip was when Rockstar San Diego was working on the project so who knows what we can expect and what changes have been made since Rockstar North have taken over the project.  But if Cairo will be the sole location in the game it still would be rather unique due to the landscape and if Rockstar pulls an OSS 117 then I’ll be quite happy.

[Via Superannuation]