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Some Incredibly Interesting Metal Gear Rumors Surface

One thing about E3 and the days leading up to the event that has always tickled my fancy are the various pre-E3 rumors we receive. Most of the time it’s fun to get a little tease of something that’s going to be revealed on the show floor or during a press conference even if it takes away from the overall surprise factor that E3 presents every year.  But every now and then we get a rumor that completely stretches the realm of reality in terms of its believability. Seeing as how E3 is where truly magical things can transpire; there could be an ounce of legitimacy in this Metal Gear Solid centric rumor despite it coming out of left field.

Recently there have been a lot of rumors swirling in the world of MGS with series creator Hideo Kojima posting depressing Tweets hinting at a project being canceled, or the more recent buzz of a MGS: Peace Walker PS3 port via the PSP Remaster Series.  Konami and Kojima Productions have always kept a lock on most of their MGS games but something just seems to be amiss with the latest entry, Metal Gear Rising.

After being announced at E3 we did receive a good look at some semblance of Metal Gear Rising’s core gameplay at TGS through a simple tech demo.  Since the TGS 2010 demo presentation, we haven’t heard anything at all about the game – which seems to be applicable for everyone as Quinton Flynn (the voice of Raiden) has yet to be approached about doing voice work for the project.  Given the silent nature Konami has taken with MGR, it wasn’t known if the project was going through some growing pains or if this was merely par for the course for the secrecy that’s to be had in the industry.

According to a trusty source from iWaggle3D (which is run by a NeoGAF user with a reputable background) the development of Metal Gear Rising has been handed off to an outside developer. Yes, for some unimaginable reason Konami has taken away the dev duties for the new Metal Gear spin-off game to a developer outside the Konami family. Whereas such a move may make some gamers should cries of utter doom, this otherwise rainy situation could become nothing but sunshine since Platinum Games is reportedly developing Metal Gear Rising.

Best known for developing Bayonetta and Vanquish, the rumor that Platinum Games is developing Metal Gear Rising, with former DMC lead Hideki Kamiya serving as Director, will probably have a few people completely flipping out if not completely convulsing on the floor.  A reason as to the developer change for Metal Gear Rising wasn’t given, but maybe Konami wasn’t happy with what the team at Koji Pro was doing over the last few months.

As awesome as this tidbit is, I do find it to be a bit too amazing to be believed.  Since Platinum Games hasn’t signed a major development deal with Sega yet, there definitely stands the chance that Platinum Games would be able and allowed to do whatever contract work they wanted to.  But having Platinum Games tackle Metal Gear Rising just seems to be too perfect given the adulation gamers have for Platinum.  While I’m sure iWaggle3D isn’t pulling our chain, unless GAF user TTP wants to be ridiculed and made an example of, this news does seem like it’s one of the many pipe dreams we see on forums on a near daily basis.

But the Metal Gear Rising update isn’t where the potential E3 megaton Konami/Metal Gear news ends.  Along with the confirmation of a MGS: Peace Walker HD release, it was also confirmed that the as yet unannounced but presumably in development Metal Gear Solid 5 will be a multiplatform release with a planned release on the PS3, Xbox 360, NGP and 3DS.  The newly found multiplatform nature of MGS5 isn’t too surprising considering Konami likes money and 3rd party exclusives are all but an extinct species at this point.

Rounding out this deluge of potentially amazing but slightly touch to swallow rumors is the word that Konami is prepping PC ports of the first four MGS games which would be released via Steam.  Again, this MGS PC port rumor is something that could happen, but just seems too good to be true and actually be announced at this point. Releasing the first four MGS games now on the PC may seem a bit lttp, but if Metal Gear Rising is still destined for the PC, it would make sense to give PC gamers a chance to experience the past adventures in the Metal Gear series before diving head first into the latest journey.

As of now all of these Metal Gear rumors have yet to be confirmed or corroborated by another source.  Lately we haven’t heard a single thing about the future of Metal Gear outside from knowing that if Konami wanted to, a MGS4 port to the NGP would likely be very easy to do based on the tech demo Hideo Kojima showed at the NGP unveil event in January.  There could be some credence to the multiplatform nature of MGS5 and the PC ports of the first four games, but I really don’t know what to think of the whole situation involving Metal Gear Rising.  On one hand it would be amazing if Platinum Games was given a near infinite budget and perhaps additional resources to craft an action packed melee centric game, but on the other hand it just seems really odd Konami would go to an outside source to do a Metal Gear game.

Maybe we’ll get some answers soon since Konami’s E3 conference (will there be a one million troops moment?) will be held on June 2nd this year.