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Some Hands on Time With Fallen Frontier [PAX East 2011]

Indy row at PAX is often one of the most fun places to be in the entire convention and you can find some amazing hidden gems in there. One of those gems this year was Fallen Frontier. I got to spend some time talking to the good folks at Moonshot Games and they gave me a hands-on walkthrough of the title. Spoiler alert, it was good.

Fallen Frontier is a 2D side-scrolling shooter and when you get your hands on it you will begin drawing parallels to other games that feel similar. When I played it two games immediately came to mind: Shadow Complex andBionic Commando. Imagine slamming those two games together into a co-op adventure game and you have Final Frontier.

The game has everything you would expect from a side-scroller; guns, grenades and grappling hooks - just to name a few. One thing the people of Moonshot really nailed was the integration of the grappling hook. Not only can you get immense enjoyment out of grappling an enemy and then shooting them with a shotgun midair, but you can also grapple your own teammates. When I was so incompetently failing to double jump up the stage, my tour guide was nice enough to give me a hand, er... a grappling hook. What I mean is he targeted me and grabbed me with his grappling hook, propelling me quickly to him.

They told me that this would be incorporated into missions as well, having the need to use your grappling hook on your own ally; which is totally badass. I asked about a release date and the best they could give me is 2012. The game will also have a simultaneous release on XBLA, PS3 and PC (which they plan to release through Steam). This game was a blast to play and considering how early they are in development I was shocked at the polish they have already attained. These guys largely comprise of old Bungie employees, so they certainly know how to make a fun and successful game. I look forward to learning more about the title as it moves forward and you should too!