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A Small Rumor Pops Up Concerning God of War 4

A lot of bullsh!t rumors come up in the world of gaming and today something has come up that I couldn’t help but address and share with all the fine people who are reading this.  The sometimes on the money, sometimes completely off the mark folks over at PSM3 magazine have a juicy rumor about the future of the God of War franchise. Lately there’s been a lot of speculation as of late about the next God of War game seeing as how a resume for an artist listed God of War 4.  To me such a thing wasn’t that big of a deal since we all know GOW4 will happen at some point and there always stood the chance that the resume was merely the victim of a typo.

But according to PSM3, God of War 4 is indeed in production right now and is further along than we all think. According to PSM3’s source, God of War 4 is destined for a September 2012 release.  Having the next major chapter of the GOW franchise drop almost a year from now seems a bit out there and honestly I’m a bit skeptical about the the rumor.  We all know that despite the ending of GOW3 that the franchise will continue in some form since it’s one of Sony’s biggest money makers.  But I don’t know, having the next big chapter of GOW4 drop next year seems a bit too soon.  Though I wouldn’t put it past Sony to do such a thing and to include a brief teaser trailer at E3 this year to get everyone hyped up.

Since this rumor is from a relatively untested source that has yet to be confirmed by multiple sources, the one thing that makes me question its validity is the September release date.  It’s been a longstanding tradition for all the core entries in the GOW franchise to be released in March while other entries (God of War: Ghost of Sparta) have been released in November.  Maybe Sony is just changing things up a bit by breaking the standard release schedule for the series or perhaps they’ve had to adjust things to take into account delays for projects such as The Last Guardian.

As a God of War fan I’m going to admit that my body is fully ready for GOW4 but I just hope that Sony and the team at Sony Santa Monica aren’t pushing a new entry out merely for the sake of it.  I guess we’ll all find out if this rumor pans out once E3 kicks off since Sony will surely have a few megaton announcements to make.