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Sine Mora Is Now An Exclusive For....

We haven’t seen much of the Grasshopper Manufacture/Digital Reality produced shmup Sine Mora since the game went public at PAX Prime, but today we have an update on the project that may upset PS3 fans. Originally slated to appear on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, Sine Mora will now be a XBLA exclusive once it comes out early next year.  Yes, it’s time for PS3 fans to enter bitter tears mode.

There is a good or at least logical reason for Sine Mora becoming a XBLA exclusive and that simply boils down to the fact that Microsoft is publishing the game. For once gamers can finally say that Microsoft money hatted a game as that honestly seemed to have been the case with Sine Mora. Perhaps Sony had a chance at landing Sine Mora as a PSN exclusive and decided to pass, but I’m even willing to admit that Microsoft’s pockets are definitely deeper than that of Sony.

I was blown away by Sine Mora when I played it at PAX Prime earlier this year so I’m definitely disappointed I won’t be able to experience it on my PS3, more-so since the game was originally being built to support stereoscopic 3D on the PS3.  Nonetheless I will still partake in some retro sci-fi shmup action once Sine Mora is released on XBLA since the combination of a shmup game coming to us from GhM and Digital Reality is too good to pass up no matter what console it’s on.

An exact release date and price hasn’t been attached to Sine Mora just yet, but the game was originally supposed to drop in the January-March period so perhaps we can expect the game then.