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A sign of the things to come in LittleBigPlanet 2 [UPDATED]

This update concerning LBP2 isn’t a major piece of news as it’s more a sign of the cool things to come.  We all know that when put in the hands of a highly creative person the things that can be created in LBP are limitless.  With the added improvements of LBP2 which allow users to create any style of game they wish, LBP2 will no doubt serve as the host for countless games based off of popular franchises.  The talented creators of LBP2 will obviously design their odes to Sonic and Super Mario Brothers but what about Zone of the Enders? Even in its beta stage someone is cooking up a LBP2 level based off of ZOE2 which could become another classic.

Created by the same chap who did the Azure Palace in LBP1, this homage to Hideo Kojima’s underrated gem promises to have gameplay and art that will leave ZOE fans satisfied.  As of now there isn’t a video of the level, but a few screens have been released by its creator who goes by the tag donkey show on the NeoGAF forums.  A few gameplay details were on the level dubbed Zone of the Enders – The Beta Runner were revealed and as a ZOE fan I can’t wait to try the level out.  Implemented in the level are classic ZOE weapons like the Vector Cannon along with melee attacks which ensure a faithful recreation of the ZOE combat experience.

The few screens released by donkey show look exceptional and I’m really digging the Jehuty model.  Things in the level are still being fine-tuned so who knows what additions will be added once everything is done.  Given the amazing levels that donkey show has created in the past (dude is an absolute creative beast) I think his ZOE level will no doubt be one for the ages when it finally launches.

If this is only the sign of things to come via LBP2 I honestly can’t wait to see what people come up with when the game launches in November. We’ve already seen a few amazing levels such as Pac-Man being recreated but I think that’s only the tip of the creative ice berg.  Guess it’s time for me to get my plans for a TRON level together since in LBP2 anything is possible.

[Via NeoGAF]

UPDATE: Video of Zone of the Enders - The Beta Runner is now up.