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Sheriff Earp's Autopsy: WGX leaked concept

I have decided to start a new feature based on all of the police games and detective shows I've been playing/watching. I will take specific game videos and trailers released and pick apart the aspects of the clip. Whether there is anything that is missed at first glance, or there it's just a nice little video, I will find and document all of the details. Prepare to be dissected world!

Microsoft WGX Internal Video

A few weeks ago a video surfaced that is claimed to be an internal Microsoft concept trailer. The video starts off with the Games for Windows Live logo that shows off the merge of both the Windows logo and the Live logo used on XBOX Live. We all know that the Games for Windows experience has been abysmal at best since it's launch. What we didn't know (until now) is that Microsoft obviously has plans on a major overhaul.

After the logo is shown a phrase pops up. “SOCIAL – My friends and I connect and share our experience across social networks. Our gaming experiences are not limited to a single platform or property, but extend inclusively across the internet.” This doesn't bring up to many flags because everyone in their right mind has been pinning at the ability to partner gaming with social aspects. The one part that peeked my ears was “Our gaming experiences are not limited to a single platform.” this is an obvious nod to the future. I believe that Microsoft has a plan to incorporate cross platform gaming with their new experience. Making it so that both XBOX players and PC gamers can join in multiplayer epicness. An image of an XBOX avatar playing Farmville on a PC is shown also leaving me to believe that the borders between console experience and PC experience will be more vague. It's obvious that Microsoft has hit a home run with their Avatar system on console and makes perfect sense that they would be interested in bringing that small aspect to PC users. The use of Farmville is just one example of their “casual/social” outreach. There is also a few conversation bubbles that pop up during Farmville that displays the new and easy way to stay in touch with friends. A casual “American Idol” game is also teased and I assume that it will run a long the same premiss as the ridiculously fun “1vs100” that we saw hit the XBOX in the past.


“Identity – My Avatar is my online identity. It represents my style, attitude, and character. I can see and personalize my Avatar on the web, my PC, or while playing a game.” is the next phrase shown. A slue of Avatar shopping venues are shown and they resemble the consumer friendly version featured on XBL. There is also the added feature of viewing, commenting, and purchasing other friend's Avatar items.

The next step of the video is “Search”. “Search – New games and media are easy to discover and play. I can quickly search, find, and play the games and view media that are of interest of me.” which is powered by Bing to help streamline the experience of finding new games and media. In the video, the player searches for Bejeweled and sees a map of all the people world-wide that play Bejeweled. Player 1 then clicks the “Similar Games” button and that brings up a list containing similar games and the player's friend reviews of said titles. The player then plays Bejeweled and beside the game is a list of her friend's Top Score chart. After beating the Top Score the player receives an Avatar award. Again, this shows an ambition to blend the already successful XBL build onto the PC.

After “Search” comes “Transaction – From a 99 cent virtual item to a $49.99 game, I can spend my money as I see fit. Buying things enhances my gaming and entertainment experience.” in which I suppose that Microsoft is going to attempt to take aim at the iPhone micro-transaction enterprise. The user then flips through a marketplace and purchases a gun add-on for Battlefield 2, Jumps in a match and starts shooting. All the while Microsoft is consistently pushing their expansive communication and the ability to chat/text with any of your friends. Following a head-shot player 2 says “Heh. P0wned” which is surprising that will all of the awesome gamers and characters inside Microsoft, they still don't know how to spell PWNED.

I hope that with e3 around the corner that Microsoft will pull the top off of this leaked video and further explain their plans to overhaul the PC gaming experience brought by Windows. The video ends with a quote and the display of a new version of Games for Windows titled “Windows Gaming Experience” or otherwise known as WGX.

“The future of PC gaming is upon us. The question is who will lead and who will follow? Are you ready to change the world? We Are.” - WGX