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Shaky cam God of War Collection footage

At the end of August Sony announced that the first two God of War games would be re-released in glorious HD in the God of War Collection.  The news that we would be able to experience the first two amazing games again with improved graphics and Trophy support got a lot of people hyped up for the project but it was a slight bummer that no media was released for the game.  We all know that the God of War games looked extremely sharp but most people were interested to see how the game would look on the PS3 and what improvements, if any, would be made to the visuals.

Thanks to some TGS shaky cam footage we have our first look at the God of War Collection.  The footage that was shown mostly shows off content from God of War 2 such as Kratos' encounter with the Colossus of Rhodes and other enemies such as the Ice Titan.  Visually the game looks like what we all expected it would: like GoW in HD. As long as you weren't expecting GoW3 style visuals, which would be quite silly of you, then you should pleased with what's in the game.

**AUDIO NOTE** The audio from the original file stutters and is kind of annoying. You might want to turn down your volume a little. Hey, it's bootlegged! What do you expect?! The footage is great so we thought we'd post it anyways.


God of War Collection - bootleg footage

The God of War Collection is slated for a November 10th release.