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[Rumor] Will Dead Space Receive Two Somewhat Unexpected Spin-Offs Before A Core Reinvention?

The Dead Space franchise may be a hit in the eyes of gamers, but it seems like EA wants the series to go on to become a mega hit thus changes are inbound.  While the third core entry in the Dead Space series has yet to be announced (is a Spike VGAs reveal possible?), Kotaku is reporting that EA is already planning the next stage of the Dead Space franchise which would see the series go in several familiar yet radically different routes.

The full validity of this rumor has yet to be fully confirmed or denied, but it does jive with previous statements made by top EA brass and recent job postings for the core Dead Space team at Visceral Games. So while this rumor may not be as definitive as Sony’s unannounced fighting game, there’s enough substance abound for me to write about the damn thing. 

Kotaku is reporting that asides from Dead Space 3, which will indeed be set on an ice covered planet, EA is planning a series of Dead Space spin-off games which would see the series become an Uncharted like experience, a FPS, and lastly it would go the space combat route by becoming an action flight game. Yes, strange things are abound at EA which could ultimately see the great Dead Space franchise become the latest video game series to go off the deep end in an attempt to gain sales.

There aren’t any major details as of now concerning each of the three supposed Dead Space spin-off projects and if each will be helmed by different fractions of the core team at Visceral Games.  For the past few months Visceral has been looking for new talent but it’s not clear if that was for extra manpower for Dead Space 3 or these new projects, all of which are still in early stages of pre-production.  Even more there’s the possibility that EA may not actually release the FPS and flight action game and instead opt to only release the revamped Uncharted like Dead Space entry, which as per Kotaku’s source is still early on in development.

Seeing the Dead Space franchise go the FPS route may be disappointing to some, but I actually enjoyed Dead Space: Extraction, the first FPS Dead Space entry.  Debuting on the Wii, the game was later ported to the PS3, DS: Extraction maintained the tense atmosphere of the Dead Space franchise while still offering some engaging first-person action that didn’t feel like it was Call of Duty or Battlefield in space. Of course developing a new FPS game presumably for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 audience may result in a more dudebro like game, but I’m willing to give the concept the benefit of the doubt right now as it could turn out to be amazing.

A Dead Space flight game on the other hand is completely befuddling and honestly doesn’t sound like it would be an actual possibility at all.  Flight games as a whole are almost non-existent these days aside from a few WWII themed entries and more fantasy based fair like Starhawk or the criminally underrated Snoopy Flying Ace.  The Dead Space world as a whole never really seemed like it would heavily feature space based combat and doing such a thing would likely backfire massively on EA unless it came across as a modern interpretation of Wing Commander with the Dead Space name slapped on.

Seeing Dead Space go the Uncharted route, presumably fast and epic action, may sound odd since it defeats the main purpose of the Dead Space series – it’s slow and tense.  Supposedly EA is looking at doing a Dead Space game in the vein of Uncharted to boost the sales of the series which while good are still no way near the massive 3 million+ range that EA is looking for.  With Dead Space 3 being set as the final chapter of the series featuring Isaac Clarke I just hope that EA and Visceral Games don’t give us a new protagonist that comes across as an annoying and ever so “edgy” protagonist that tries to be like Han Solo but fails miserably.  The Dead Space series already has some massive set-piece moments so I don’t see the issue in perhaps expanding those in a new title unless the action is entirely pushed to the forefront in place of establishing tension and an overall mood.

As of now none of these new Dead Space projects have been officially announced but when or if they do I eagerly look forward to the fan reaction.  I can completely understand EA’s desire to change-up the Dead Space franchise in an effort to boost sales, but they just need to realize that if they change things too much they’ll just lose the audience they already have, which could essentially place them back at square one.

If EA were to reboot the Dead Space franchise or release a spin-off what sort of things would you want to see in it? Let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page.