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[Review] Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush

Overall Feeling: 

Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: Rush may not seem like it but it’s one of the most cohesive and entertaining puzzle games to be released on a console. The puzzles are engaging and despite the difficulty of some of the more advanced ones it never feels too cheap or like it’s impossible to complete. The game boasts a nice amount of content and for $6 it’s an absolute steal.

The Pros: 

Entertaining puzzles that while difficult are always fun to tackle. The production values are really sharp which is surprising considering the fact that it’s a puzzle game based on a toy. Listening to techno buttery beats while trying to solve a puzzle never gets old.

The Cons: 

It would’ve been nice if there were more multiplayer modes. Other than that it’s just up to personal preference if you enjoy the puzzle offerings of Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: Rush. Oh, it also would’ve been amazing if you could make your own puzzles and share them online. Rating : 

One of the biggest things to hit the world of pop culture in the last thirty years was the Rubik’s Cube.  Somehow this simple toy captured the attention of the world as it became notorious as being impossible to solve. While some may be quick to push the Rubik’s Cube aside as merely being another novelty of the 1980s the product is still going strong today with a few savants out there that can solve the puzzle in mere seconds all while their eyes are closed.  And as people continue to get more tech savvy and demand flashier forms of interactive entertainment the Rubik’s Cube is evolving with the times with the release of Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: Rush for Nintendo’s WiiWare.

I have a feeling that when people read that a Rubik’s Cube game has been released for the Wii that many are quick to assume that it’s merely another uber casual game perhaps aimed at tugging the nostalgic heartstrings of those who used to play with the toy back in the day. That couldn’t be farther from the truth as Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy is one of the most entertaining puzzle games I’ve played in the last few years and is easily one of the best releases on WiiWare.

The main mechanic of the game doesn’t revolve around merely solving a Rubik’s Cube, though that is included as its own mode, but instead the gameplay is more akin to a thinking man’s puzzle games like Intelligent Quotient.  Players are given the task of directing various colored cubes that are spawned on different points of a cleverly designed puzzle to their accompanying portal which is of course far away and sometimes is in the path of another cube.  All of the puzzle layouts which range from a heart design to even an eye are all grid based and have a white aesthetic to them, which definitely makes a nice contrast to the colored cubes.

Now the puzzle element of the game comes in figuring out how to solve the specific puzzle layout as if you’re not careful cubes will either fall into the never-ending white abyss or will simply run into one another which you obviously don’t want to happen. In order to properly solve the puzzles players can use an array of tiles most of which will move a cube in a certain direction while others will either slow down or speed up cubes or in some cases move them faster via the use of conveyor belts. The thing is that all the tiles are limited to a set amount and specific directions based on the puzzle you’re doing. So you’re going to have to really think and tinker with things to solve some of the more elaborate puzzles in the game.

Placing tiles on the grid is extremely easy using the Wiimote and so is navigating the camera to get a better view of things.  There will definitely be a few brain stumping moments while you play as some of the puzzles can simply be befuddling and make you feel completely stupid since you may be over thinking things a bit. But the game itself is never too frustrating as it slowly ramps up the difficulty in terms of the puzzle layouts. The gameplay itself never feels too gimmicky as it’s very easy to get wrapped up in a puzzle as you’ll get that sense of motivation to complete it even if you’re having problems.

Despite being for the WiiWare and being based off a product like Rubik’s Cube the game is just slick as hell.  The presentation is unique with its title appropriate galaxy background menus and the extremely sleek white and colored cube backgrounds that are present when you play a puzzle.  Even when you’re playing a puzzle and may be stumped you can just sit back and think about things while you listen to the techno based buttery beats that play.

Those who own a Wii and love puzzle games owe it to themselves to check out Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy: Rush as it’s a highly enjoyable puzzle game.  The product is bursting at the seams with sharp production values and it has a ton of content to keep you busy.  Unless you’re one of those geniuses out there who can solve any puzzle in five seconds then the 70 puzzles in the game should keep you busy. Not to mention the game also includes a mode for the original Rubik’s Cube which is available in both single and multiplayer options. Developer Two Tribes should be applauded for not simplifying the Rubik’s brand as the game maintains that level of entertainment and brain busting intensity that the toy has all while putting an extremely modern spin on things.  Rubik’s Puzzle Galaxy is what all puzzle games should be: fair, never too frustrating and enjoyable as hell.