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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a re-make that sticks to its roots. Instead of trying to perform a complete overhaul, Nintendo brought the classic back to life with minor tweaks and a whole lot of love. It truly felt like one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had and with one minor issue a gamer can’t complain.

The Pros: 

+ Provides the same classic story for fans new and old.
+ The 3D graphics really stand-out.
+ Added difficulty in the Master Quest.
+ Gyroscope utilization is spot on.
+ Graphical upgrade makes the game flourish.

The Cons: 

- Found myself turning off the 3D effect every so often.
- Navi’s constant bickering and reminders to take a break became overly annoying. Rating : 

It’s considered by many to be one of the greatest games ever made and more often than not re-makes go horribly wrong. This of course is not the case for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Nintendo made sure not to clutter their upgrade with unnecessary additions, but rather minor tweaks that allows this piece of art to shine.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to our readers for the late review. Due to this glorious Canada Post strike, I wasn’t able to get a copy till release day. I’m sure by this point several of you have read a variety of different reviews for OoT with the focal point being the comparison with its original copy. Unfortunately that’s something this review will be lacking as this was the first time I’ve really gotten to play Ocarina. I know you’re probably thinking “what is wrong with you man?” Well let’s just say you can’t always get what you want as a kid growing up. This however never hindered me from knowing how great the original was. Now that I have the footnotes out of the way let’s get this review started.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time starts off as Link in his home of Kokiri Forest. You’re summoned to the Great Deku Tree, where he instructs you of the perils that are currently going on in Hyrule.  Before entering Deku, you’re given the fairy Navi, to guide you on your quest. After completing your first quest you set out to Hyrule City to meet Princess Zelda. She informs you that a thief known as Ganondorf has been running amuck, leaving the fabric of time and the land of Hyrule in danger.

After a few small quests to seek out the Spiritual Stones, you find out that Ganondorf wishes to steal the Ocarina of Time and the princess in the process. As she gallops away into the night, Zelda throws you the Ocarina leaving you to use the newly acquired stones to save Hyrule, but leave it to Ganon to have an ace in the hole.  Upon entering the future you find out that Hyrule has been taken control of by Ganondorf, leaving you to find the Seven Sages and defeat the evil thief.

Graphically this game is a step-up from its predecessor. The Nintendo 64 provided great three-dimensional depth for its time, but the 3DS really shines in this light. With a better processor and graphics card, Nintendo had no excuse to not modernize the graphics. This is something that could have gone in two directions. In one Nintendo performs a graphical overhaul completely changing the way Link and Hyrule are perceived, thus not sticking to its roots. Instead simplicity wins, leaving the charm everyone fell in love with, with a lot more eye candy.

This is really one for the first games to push the limits of the 3DS and from what we saw at E3 this year it’s a damn good sign. The 3D experience is top notch. The entire game provides the needed depth expected from the 3DS. At times however, I found myself turning off the 3D as it provided a different level of comfort. When you play through in long sessions the 3D becomes more of an enemy than a friend. A great addition to OoT was the Gyroscope mechanics. For anyone who used the AR Cards that came with the 3DS you have already experienced this feature. If you don’t know, the Gyroscope perpetuates where the camera on the 3DS is pointing within the game. It becomes more convenient to use the Gyroscope when using the Hookshot and Fairy Bow, though you’re not limited to this.

Now I did want to point out a few changes to this version. I have heard time and time again how difficult the Water Temple was back in the day. 10 keys and 11 doors... talk about a game show nightmare. I’m happy to report this problem has been fixed. I didn’t really have trouble with the temple, but the challenge remains. Frustrations boiled and a few tips had to be looked up. Level progression is perfect as the difficulty increases through every quest. Speaking of quests, upon completion of the game, players can replay OoT with the Master Quest. This provides added difficulty, more dungeons and of course more treasure. With several side quests in game, there is a lot of replay value.

As sexy as this tech may be, it wouldn’t matter if the story wasn’t good. Ocarina of Time carries a lot of timelessness to it. Good vs. Evil, boy falls in love with girl, annoying sidekicks you wish to beat to death. It leads you in a direction filled with action and adventure, a trade mark of Nintendo throughout the ages.  In a world littered with first person shooters and casual gaming, it’s a true gem when a game like this raises to the hearts of all gamers young and old. Ocarina of Time will be to kids now what it was twelve years ago to most of us. The excitement of discovery and uncertainty in a world prime for destruction. It’s these moments that can define a generation and any parent who knows anything about gaming should sit down with their kids, pull them away from Call of Duty and show them what is still one of the greatest games ever made.

Now the one downside to this game is Navi. That effing fairy drove me nuts. “Hey, listen!”, no you listen here you little bastard, when I want to take a break I will.  As you play through the game, Navi will annoyingly recommend you take a break. Why Nintendo has to remind people of this is beyond me. This is truly the largest fall of the game. With little useful information being shared by Navi, you’ll be left tempted to turn the volume off.

I highly recommend this game to all gamers. Whether you played the original or are new to the title, Ocarina of Time has something for everyone. A timeless classic re-made for the ever changing landscape of the gaming world. As the first of many classic Nintendo games on their way to the 3DS, things are looking up for 3DS owners and gamers alike.